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Does ActivInspire software support dual pen functionality on my product?

  • ActivInspire supports dual pen functionality on the following Epson projectors:
    • BrightLink 436Wi
    • BrightLink 475Wi
    • BrightLink 480i
    • BrightLink 485Wi
    • BrightLink 575Wi
    • BrightLink 585Wi
    • BrightLink 595Wi
    • BrightLink Pro 1410Wi

    ActivInspire supports only single pen functionality on the following Epson projectors:

    • BrightLink 425Wi
    • BrightLink 430i
    • BrightLink 435Wi
    • BrightLink 450Wi
    • BrightLink 455Wi

    If you obtained the ActivInspire software bundled with your projector, dual pen functionality is supported.

    If you bought the Epson projector prior to April 22, 2013 and recently obtained the ActivInspire software, you may need to update your projector's firmware to get dual pen functionality.

    The firmware update can be performed by an Epson authorized service provider. To find a service provider, go to our Epson support page, select Support > Service Center Locator.

    Note: Epson does not cover any costs incurred to update the projector's firmware.

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