See Our Large Venue Projectors in Action

Live Events Case Studies

See artistry in a new light.

Learn how artist Radha Chaddah explores the connection between nature and human beings through the medium of light—reframing our perspective on what projector technology can do.

A Wild Night at the Zoo

An immersive outdoor experience incorporating 13 Epson projectors and multiple projection mapping setups.

Homebody: An immersive experience

Multimedia artist Hueman chose Epson Laser Projectors to create a stunning visual environment for her immersive Homebody art installation.

The PHI Centre: “The Infinite”

When producing “The Infinite,” the PHI Centre selected Epson Pro L Series projectors to help bring the installation to life.

Blockhouse Studios:
Transforms landmark building

The Indianapolis Museum of Art teamed up with Blockhouse Studios to transform Newfields’ Lilly House into "Mischief Manor"

Illuminus Festival:
A Celebration of Light and Sound

Boston’s Illuminus Festival brings music and art to life with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Art in the Open:
Reinventing the Canvas

The artists of Illuminus Festival and the cultural importance of expression through projection

Immersion, Transformation, and 15,000 Lumens

Rah Zen and Samo of Nightworks on their genre-bending performance and vision for Illuminus Festival

Andrew Hlynsky:
From Imagination to Reality

Self described “Musical Mad Scientist” Andrew Hlynsky and his own process for his projected work at Illuminus Festival

Artists + Technology:
Going Beyond the Gallery

The artists of the Illuminus Festival use Epson Projector technology to break out of tradition and make their vision known

Electric Forest Music Festival:
Enchanted Forest

Sherwood Forest reimagined by visual artists and musicians creates a dynamic multimedia experience.

George Fok:
Bringing Artistry to Life

When artist George Fok sought projectors for his immersive art exhibit, “Seeking Stillness,” he chose Epson Pro Series projectors for their vibrant, true-to-life image quality and convenient projection mapping tools.

MASARY Studios:
Collaborative Public Art Reimagined

Watch as 400 new media artworks composed by the public through vibrant projection mapping and an innovative web-based instrument come to life at Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence.

Illuminus Festival:
Digital Culture and Human Connection

Making contemporary art accessible and the goal of the Illuminus Festival

Joe Crossley:
Ideas That Travel

Digital artist Joe Crossley and creating mind-blowing art in the most unforgiving environment on earth

BASE Hologram:
Creating Full-Bodied Performace

BASE Hologram lets legendary performers come back to the stage to dazzle and electrify a whole new generation of fans

All of it Now:
Nightlife Enhanced

San Francisco-based creative agency All of it Now creates atmospheric and interactive experiences with Epson's high-brightness projectors

Refik Anadol at KANEKO:
Infinity in a 12-foot Cube

How just four projectors create an infinite space, and infinite possibilities for experiencing public art

Osman Koç:
Lighting Up the Midway

Blurring the lines between artist and technician, Osman Koç’s interactive installations flash to life with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Nature’s Best Awards:
Bringing the Splendor of Nature Indoors

Epson partners with known talent to create awe-inspiring displays for the winners of the Nature’s Best Photography Awards with the Pro L Series Projectors

Hope Church:
Stained Glass for the 21st Century

Hope Church in Memphis, TN where worship and tradition meet cutting-edge technology with Epson's high-brightness projectors

Higher Ed Case Studies

St. Edward's University:
Campus Vibrancy

Austin’s St. Edward's University tasks its IT Department to create a campus-wide immersive art experience with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Pensacola Christian College:
Projecting School Spirit

Pensacola Christian College enlightens students with Epson Pro Series projectors both on the court and in the classroom

University of Nevada Las Vegas:
Laser Sharp

University of Nevada Las Vegas creates their own stunning pre-game show with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors