Industrial Dye-Sublimation Printers

High-volume Apparel & Decor Printing

Engineered to achieve industrial reliability and round-the-clock productivity — all at a low total cost of ownership, Epson SureColor® dye-sublimation printers help your business maximize sellable output with enhanced performance, consistent quality and reduced downtime.

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Produce more sellable goods,
faster and reliably.

High-Performance PrecisionCore Printhead Technology

A configuration of multiple 4.7"-wide PrecisionCore printheads delivers exceptionally high productivity with extreme drop placement accuracy for outstanding print quality. With industrial-level roll-to-roll performance at speeds up to 2,635 sqft/hr1 and built-in redundancy and automatic quality-control features, SureColor printers achieve round-the-clock productivity and industrial reliability.


Sports Apparel | Fashion | Fabric | Decor | Signage | Personalized Products

Shots of products made with the Epson SureColor F10070 and F10070H

Built for high-speed performance.

Advanced Multi-Core Processor

Epson SureColor printers are capable of handling large data volumes at high speed, with speed-of-light communication between processor and printhead via optic fiber. Performance optimization features such as Job Connection improve throughput by eliminating activities between jobs, while step and repeat pattern printing is handled by the printer – freeing the computer to work on the next job.

Brilliant & consistent image quality.

Epson Precision Dot Technology

Produce high image quality with little grain and reduced print banding with Epson Precision Dot technology. New Multi-Layer Halftoning produces consistent print quality even in harsh factory environments, achieving maximum color gamut, smooth gradations, and color constancy under different lighting conditions.

Service made simple.

A user-replaceable head design requires no tools and can be completed in minutes, ensuring your production can resume with minimal downtime. Plus, in the event your printer needs service Epson offers a variety of comprehensive extended service plans to cover your printer, genuine Epson accessories and Epson software up to a total of 5 years.

Convenient & economical high-capacity inks,
in four colors or six.

UltraChrome DS Ink Technology

Achieve rich CMYK color and high contrast with UltraChrome DS inks. Also, for six-color applications, the SureColor F11070H can be configured with fluorescent pink and yellow for high-visibility applications, orange and violet for expanded color gamut, or light cyan and light magenta for reduced grain and smooth gradations

Hot-swappable High-Capacity Ink System

Low-cost, high-capacity replaceable ink packs hold up to 20 L of ink per color, which allows for long print runs without user intervention. Plus, the hot-swappable system automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack for uninterrupted printing.

Remote Printer Monitoring

Epson Cloud Solution PORT

Designed with simplicity and security in mind, the Epson Cloud Solution PORT provides a live view of your printer fleet production1, equipment utilization, and service information to better manage efficiency and optimize your Epson printing workflow.

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Shots of people using the Epson Cloud Solution PORT

Printer Workflow Software

Epson Edge Print

Included with SureColor F11070 printers, Epson Edge Print is a complete workflow management suite equipped with tools specifically for digital textile printing including step and repeat, spot color matching, and custom color library support.

SureColor Dye Sub Printers

SureColor F11070

  • 4 Color (CMYK)
  • Up to 2,700 ft2/hr
  • 76" Print Width
  • Auto Take-up Reel
  • High-efficiency Dryer
  • Hot-Swappable 10L Ink Packs
  • Optional Big Roll Unwinder

SureColor F11070H

  • 6 Color (CMYK + Lc/Lm, Or/Vi, or Fy/Fp)
  • Up to 2,635 ft2/hr
  • 76" Print Width
  • Auto Take-up Reel
  • High-efficiency Dryer
  • Hot-Swappable 10L Ink Packs
  • Optional Big Roll Unwinder

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produce more sellable goods, faster and reliably.

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* Excludes ink, service and installation

1 Print speeds are based on the print engine speed only. Total throughput time for any print depends on various factors including workstation configuration, file size, print resolution, ink coverage and networking. Actual print speeds will vary.

2 The SureColor F10070H printer can be configured with either Fluorescent Pink/Yellow OR Light Cyan/Light Magenta. The Ink type is not user-changeable once set.