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Home Label Printing for Home, Creative, and Crafting

LabelWorksLabel Printers

Whether you are looking to organize your storage boxes, get creative with customizing and personalizing gifts, or want to have some fun with custom sticker labels, LabelWorks label makers, tapes and kits are the perfect companions. See how the features of LabelWorks products can help you get organized and get creative!

LabelWorks Label Printer Features

Create useful and fun labels quickly and easily with LabelWorks printers. From flexible output to the advanced ability to print from mobile apps, LabelWorks products provide a wide range of options to label your way.

Flexible Output

Do More with Mobile Apps
With options for both iOS and Android devices, mobile apps enable you to do amazing things with your app‑enabled LabelWorks printer.

Wide Range of Printing Applications
Featuring support for tape cartridges up to ∼1" (24mm), LabelWorks printers provide the versatility you need for a wide range of printing applications. Plus, split‑back tapes mean less fuss and easier application.

Specialty Print Modes
Select LabelWorks printers include specialty print modes which enable cable wrap printing, barcodes, QR codes and more.

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth Connectivity
Now you can easily print directly to your LabelWorks app‑enabled printer from your compatible iOS or Android device using Bluetooth.

USB Connectivity
LabelWorks desktop label printers include PC and Mac support out of the box through a standard USB interface.

Easy‑to‑use Interfaces

Print Instantly
Use one of the LabelWorks-compatible apps to design and print labels directly to your app‑enabled LabelWorks printer.

Built‑in Backlighting
For those label makers with a built‑in display, built‑in backlighting makes the device easier to see and operate in dim light.

Quick Text Input
A full QWERTY keyboard allows for quick text input. LabelWorks models come with either a built‑in physical keyboard, or allow the use of your touch screen mobile device or computer for text input.

Portability Options

Planning on using your LabelWorks at your desk? With an AC adapter (optional on some models), never worry about running out of power again.

Battery Powered
Need labels on‑the‑go? LabelWorks can be powered by AA batteries (not included).

Explore the LabelWorks Family of Products

Epson offers LabelWorks printers and a wide variety of tapes for almost any label printing need.

Desktop Label Printers

Desktop label printers can be connected via a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth® (LW‑600P only). They are ideal for both home and office environments, or anywhere you need flexible printing options.

LW‑600P Label Printer

The mobile‑friendly, app‑enabled LW‑600P is the most flexible label printer in the LabelWorks lineup. Now you can print directly from your iOS or Android mobile device from the Epson iLabel app.

LW‑700 Label Printer

The LabelWorks LW‑700 label printer offers the best of both worlds: increased productivity and convenient, battery‑powered portability. With an impressive array of features, including built‑in memory and data import capabilities, you can easily produce labels for all of your projects, big or small.

Handheld Label Makers

For maximum portability, handheld label makers are battery‑powered and include a built‑in QWERTY keyboard. These label makers have a built‑in symbols, frames, fonts and are exceptionally easy‑to‑use.

LW‑300 Label Maker

The LW‑300 label printer is ideal for basic label making and craft projects. It features a built‑in QWERTY keyboard and 30‑label storage memory, plus a huge range of symbols, frames and fonts.

LW‑400 Label Maker

The LabelWorks LW‑400 label maker is a hand‑held, battery‑powered organization machine. Complete with a two‑line back‑lit display, 50 label storage memory and support for barcodes, the LW‑400 is great for specialty uses at home and on the job.

Product Feature Comparison

LabelWorks LW‑300
LabelWorks LW‑400
LabelWorks LW‑600P
LabelWorks LW‑700
Maximum Tape Width
Label Storage
Unlimited via App
✔ (manual)
✔ (manual)
✔ (automatic)
✔ (automatic)
✔ (built‑in)
✔ (built‑in)
✔ (on‑screen via app)
✔ (built‑in)
✔ (not included)
✔ (not included)
✔ (included)
✔ (not included)
Battery Powered (not included)
Specialty Print Modes
Backlit Display
iOS and Android App‑enabled
USB Connection for PC/Mac

LabelWorks Apps & Media

Epson iLabel App

Our extensive line of tapes provides labeling variety for virtually any need, from improving safety to boosting efficiency. Epson label tapes are designed to last and are fully tested for durability, making them ideal for any application.

LabelWorks Tapes

Our extensive line of tapes provides labeling variety for virtually any need, from improving safety to boosting efficiency. Epson label tapes are designed to last and are fully tested for durability, making them ideal for any application.

LabelWorks Kits & Packs

Epson LabelWorks label printer Packs and Kits are ready-made and include most everything you need for custom label jobs—from crafts to cables.

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