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Laser Projector Solutions

Superior Image Quality and Reliability
Our most technologically advanced projectors combine 3LCD with a laser light source and a wide color gamut, and an ultra-high contrast ratio to produce brilliant, true-to-life color and incredibly deep blacks. 

Discover the Key Benefits of Laser Solutions

Laser Light Source

The long-lasting laser light engine guarantees a virtually maintenance-free operation.

Image Quality and Contrast Ratio

Exceptional, detailed color reproduction delivers uncompromising image quality and performance, as well as the deepest, darkest blacks possible.

Instant ON/OFF

Laser projectors reach maximum brightness and turn off almost immediately—no warm up or cool down period required.

Explore Epson Laser Projectors

Laser Projectors for Large Venues

Display brilliantly, any time and virtually anywhere.

Laser Projectors for Home Theaters

Bring the benefits of laser home.

Explore Epson Laser Displays

Laser Displays for Education

Full HD, Interactive Laser displays for K12 and higher education institutions

Laser Displays for Meeting Rooms

Remote collaboration and enhanced productivity with brilliant laser display

Laser Displays for Digital Signage

Bold, rich laser display for storefronts, office spaces, and schools

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