Interactive Projector
Research & Development

In the Interactive Projector project, we develop machine vision technologies to provide user immersive and collaborative experiences of interaction with the projection contents.

Finger Touch and Gesture Advancements

Most market available interactive projectors use laser curtain technology that limits its usage to flat surface only. It also requires accurate calibration that challenges the user who normally does not have such expertise.

Machine vision technologies by detecting and recognizing human actions such as finger touching and gesture, however, will relax such limitations and expand the range of interaction from flat surface to any 3D surface and even to space.

Taking On the Challenge

Despite the recent advances in computer vision and deep learning for object detection and classification, realizing accurate depth perception and generalization of the algorithm to any uncontrolled environment are still challenging in particular with consumer level sensors. This project tries to address those challenges and focuses on developing computer vision and deep learning technologies.

Areas of Focus

Camera-projector calibration

  • Piecewise homography estimation
  • Linear and non-linear calibration matrix fitting
  • Multiple calibration pattern fusion

Scene understanding

  • Hand/finger detection
  • 3D object detection and tracking
  • 3D scene construction and mapping

Scene interaction

  • Surface touch detection
  • Gesture recognition
  • Event detection and classification

Join the Team

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