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Power Up Productivity

With a small footprint, outstanding photographic image quality, a print engine designed for reliability with fast production speeds, the new Epson SureLab D1070 Minilab printer creates innovative, profitable opportunities for your photography, events or printing business.

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True Photographic Quality

Epson’s Advanced MicroPiezo® printhead and AccuPhoto image processing technology ensures accurate control of the droplet sizing as small as 2.5 pL and precisely places each ink droplet for sharp images, fine details, and vibrant, colorful prints. This ensures whatever you are printing looks outstanding.

Exceptional Print Production Speeds

Ideal for event, portrait photography and retail environments. Produces up to 460 (4x6), 300 (5x7), and 165 (8x10) prints per hour2.

Advanced Ink Technology

Epson UltraChrome® D6r-S Ink technology provides a wide color gamut, exceptional print quality for a durable and vibrant print. Plus, high-capacity 250 mL ink packs provide low running costs and reduced waste compared to traditional ink cartridge systems.

New Features, Modern Minilab

For improved usability, this minilab features a 1.44" LCD screen, built-in wireless connectivity and an integrated output tray, all in a sleek, compact footprint.

Supports Epson Cloud Solution PORT for easy, remote monitoring on your printers.

Scalable to Meet Your Needs

With a small footprint and a wide range of output capabilities, the SureLab D1070 can help your business scale from a single printer to a larger production fleet for handling even greater production volumes, with a wide array of diverse applications.

Several SureLab D1070DE printers in a line and connected with different size prints and applications.

Versatile Media Handling

Print on array of media types from glossy, luster and matte. Plus, with professional roll media handling, auto-drying with decurl module and high-speed rotary cutter, you get BorderFree prints up to 8" x 12" with support for long panorama printing.

Industrial-grade Reliability

A proven industrial-level print engine combined with production features like automatic head maintenance and alignment detection technology, the SureLab D1070 is designed for worry-free high-volume printing for your business. Plus, with enhanced durability, you can expect reliable operation for hundreds of thousands of prints.

SureLab D1070

Minilab Printer

  • 460 4" x 6" prints per hour
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB
  • 1.44" LCD display
  • UltraChrome® D6r-S Ink Set

MSRP: $2,595

SureLab D1070DE

Double-sided Minilab Printer

  • Automatic Double-sided Printing
  • 460 4" x 6" prints per hour
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB
  • 1.44" LCD display
  • UltraChrome® D6r-S Ink Set

MSRP: $2,995

Coming Soon

1 SureLab D1070 is rated at 400,000 6" x 4" prints, or twice the rated lifetime output of the SureLab D870

2 Product specifications subject to change without notice up until first customer shipment. Print speeds are based on the print engine speed only. Total throughput time for any print depends on various factors including workstation configuration, file size, print resolution, ink coverage and networking. Actual print speeds will vary.

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