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MOVERIO Augmented Reality

Explore how the Epson MOVERIO family of smart eyewear is transforming today's activities with tomorrow's vision.


Powerful, affordable smart glasses for personal use.


Manage multiple devices, serve a variety of users.


Smart headsets designed to withstand the rigors of the workplace.

Seamless AR Displays

Epson’s new, proprietary Si-OLED displays have no backlight, resulting in superior contrast and transparency.

MOVERIO News and Events

History of MOVERIO

A Legacy of Innovation. A Commitment to the Future.

1989 - 1998

Epson Pioneers Display Technology

Launching its first 3LCD projector in 1989 and securing patents for a head-mounted display in 1998.


BT-100 Introduced

Epson developed its first self-contained, binocular AR system.


BT-200 Introduced

Camera, motion sensors added. 60%


BT-200 Introduced

Industrial-optimized headset launched.


BT-300 Introduced

Brighter, natural Si-OLED display added. 20% lighter. Powerful Intel® Atom Processor.


BT-2200 & BT-350 Introduced

The all-new BT-350 for multi-user applications featuring an adjustable hinge system design and the BT-2200 designed to fit over hard hats.

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