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Uses for Moverio Smart Glasses

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Work Smarter, Hands-Free with Moverio Assist

Epson's proprietary, simple, DYI remote assistance software enables field personnel from any location to stream live videos and seek remote expert guidance on demand and in a hands-free, see-what-I-see experience.

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Remote Assist Solutions Designed by Our Partners for Moverio Smart Glasses

Explore the many ways Moverio smart glasses are empowering the remote work force by enabling remote services, support, workflow instructions, collaboration and communication in manufacturing, automotive, logistics and more.

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Accessibility & Secondary Screen

See how Moverio solution providers are using cutting-edge voice recognition technology to offer real time captioning and translation to improve accessibility for theaters, museums, classrooms and meeting rooms—allowing users to have a unique heads-up, hands-free experience and interact in ways not previously possible.

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Visitor Experiences

Augmented reality smart glasses are being used to provide accessibility options and customized experiences for visitors. Built for comfort and flexibility, our glasses are easily charged and managed using a convenient dock and device management software. See how our solution provider ARtglass is using Moverio devices to enhance the customer experience.

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Moverio News

Read about the latest exciting possibilities Moverio offers to customers and partners.

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Discover the power of Moverio augmented reality. Learn about our products and their uses, browse our list of Solution Providers, learn about Moverio Assist, and more.