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Smart Glasses for Visitor Experience

MOVERIO Smart Glasses are being used to deliver unique experiences across the arts, entertainment and tourism industries.

Providing better tools for the entertainment and tourism industries.

Built for AR

Deliver true augmented reality experiences through the Si-OLED binocular transparent display. Create AR experiences using an AR SDK optimized for MOVERIO.

Adjustable & Comfortable

MOVERIO glasses are built to fit over prescription glasses and adjust to fit most head sizes comfortably.

Simple Device Management

Easily charge and manage fleets of devices with a convenient dock and device management software.

These companies are using MOVERIO to revolutionize the visitor experience.

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MOVERIO Implementations Around the World

Products Built for Visitor Experience


Multi-user Smart Glasses

Design features for added durability and comfort, perfect for multi-user applications


HDMI & USB-C Smart Glasses

Input any video source over HDMI & USB-C for endless possibilities

Accessories by Rochester Optical

Rochester Optical has developed custom accessories that allow you to do more with your BT-350.

  • Sun Shield
  • Prescription Lens Insert

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