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HDMI & USB-C Powered Smart Glasses

Now you can use HDMI and USB-C output devices with the powerful, see-through display of MOVERIO Smart Glasses.

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Game-changing, plug-and-play wearable display

HDMI & USB-C Compatible

Bring the utility and convenience of a heads-up display to your application without having to change platforms or develop a dedicated app.

Keep your head up and hands free

Si-OLED Powered Binocular Display

720p HD Resolution

1280x720 High Definition display with 80” projected screen size measured at 16.4ft.

See-through Display

A 100,000:1 contrast ratio creates an edgeless image that can merge with the world around you.

Suitable for the Outdoors

An included sun shade accessory and ambient light sensor enable indoor & outdoor usage.

Adjustable Hinge System

Temple arms adjust to fit a wide range of head sizes comfortably.

Prescription Glasses Compatible

Glasses are designed to fit over the majority of eyeglasses comfortably.

Full of possibilities

MOVERIO’s innovative wearable display technology combined with the flexibility of an HDMI or USB-C video input creates countless opportunities to change the way you work and play.

For Commercial Drone

Plug your FPV video feed directly into the MOVERIO glasses to fly safer and maintain line-of-sight with your aircraft.

For Second Screen Users

The heads-up display of the MOVERIO glasses can mirror important information from your computer screen into your field of view. This enables you to keep your hands free and your eyes on your work.

For Visitor Experience

Use MOVERIO to create a custom tailored experience for each visitor. The wearable display is perfect for subtitling and translation.

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Create dynamic applications


Use the provided SDK to leverage camera and sensor data from the BT-35E in your applications.

MOVERIO BT-35E Smart Glasses

A powerful wearable display with the flexibility of HDMI & USB-C input.


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Accessories by Rochester Optical

Rochester Optical has developed custom accessories that allow you to do more with your BT-35E.

  • Sun Shield
  • Prescription Lens Insert

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Technical Specifications

MOVERIO BT-35E Smart Glasses

HD Display 720p

Display Size
80in at 16.4ft (5m)

Video Input
HDMI 1.4
USB Type-C DP Alt Mode 1.2

Ambient Light Sensor

Refresh Rate
30 Hz


Waterproof Rating
IPx2 (Headset Only)

Power Input
USB Micro-B or USB Type-C

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