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Epson Reinvents POS Printing. Again.

Introducing the Epson OmniLink® TM‑T88VI

With a variety of new features and advanced, multi‑interface connectivity, the innovative OmniLink TM‑T88VI provides the versatility and efficiency you need to deliver the best customer experience and increase your bottom line.


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The POS Printer for Your Current & Future Needs

Epson – the industry's leading innovator in POS printing solutions for more than 30 years – delivers yet again with the revolutionary OmniLink TM-T88VI thermal receipt printer. Designed for maximum flexibility, the TM-T88VI offers advanced multi-interface connectivity empowering merchants to utilize traditional PC terminals and mobile POS systems. With built-in cloud support and enhanced performance and reliability, OmniLink TM-T88VI provides the ultimate customer transaction experience.

Experience the OmniLink TM-T88VI Receipt Printer

Highlights & Features of the TM-T88VI Receipt Printer

Advanced Connectivity, Cloud Services & More

Multi‑interface Connectivity

Dynamic sharing between POS terminals and mobile devices. Triple interfaces including built-in USB & Ethernet provides flexible connectivity.

Cloud‑based Services

Utilizes Omnilink Merchant Services to unlock transaction data and access a global suite of "best of breed" POS applications, tools and expertise; includes Server Direct printing for online ordering apps.

ePOS Print Technology

Print from web-based applications and mobile devices with Epson's ePOS Print Technology.

Distributed Proximity‑based Printing

Enables easy pairing with mobile devices utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC)1 and Beacon2 support for distributed printing with Apple devices.

Fast Total Transaction Time

Improved print speeds of up to 350mm/sec3 and a high‑speed auto‑cutter significantly lowers the total transaction time.

Enhanced Efficiency & Reliability

Features advanced paper savings to reduce media usage by up to 49% plus improved print head and autocutter lives with low total power consumption.

Peripheral Connectivity

Use the printer as a peripheral hub for mobile and cloud/browser‑based POS systems.

Embedded Web Server

Offers maximum flexibility and customization for web applications.

Omnilink TM‑T88VI
Omnilink TM‑T88VI‑i
Omnilink TM‑T88V‑i
Interface Support
(incl. built‑in USB and Ethernet)
(incl. built‑in USB and Ethernet)
(incl. built‑in USB)
(incl. built‑in USB
Dynamic printing from multiple interfaces
Omnilink Merchant Services cloud support
Remote firmware upgradeability via OMS
Server Direct Printing
Beacon support for distributed printing2
NFC (Near Field Communication)1
ePOS-Print Technology
(print from web applications/mobile devices)
ePOS-Device Technology
(peripheral support)
Max. print speed
High speed autocutter
Head life
Autocutter life
3 million cuts5
3 million cuts5
2 million cuts
2 million cuts

1 NFC tag requires use of a device that includes NFC reader, and may require additional software

2 Requires the use of a beacon dongle connected to TM-T88VI printer via the USB-A port. Supports only Apple® iBeacon™ compliant format. The Epson-approved dongle is Laird model BT820.

3 Speed based on using 80 mm wide media only and Epson's PS-180 power supply. Configurations not including the PS-180 will have a default print speed of 300 mm/sec.

4 The serial port on the TM-T88VI-i is used for connections to serial POS peripherals only.

5 Rated printhead and cutter lives based on use of the following media only, with printer operated at room temperature and normal humidity:
Model KT55FA: Papierfabrik August Koehler SE
Model PD160R: Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd.
Model TF50KS-Y: NIPPON Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

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