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Simplified for Reliable Performance.

Replaces complex parts with all-in-one, simple chip design.


Epson’s proprietary MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology integrates all the functional printing elements of the printer on one remarkably thin chip, replacing complex parts with an all-in-one, simple chip design.


Every chip includes the piezoelectric print actuator for control and performance, microtubes for fast ink delivery, and up to 800 nozzles for incredible accuracy. The result is a simple printing process capable of self-detecting errors, helping prevent problems and requiring fewer parts to service.


With over 40 years of expertise, Epson has perfected the chip manufacturing process. The use of precise automation and quality control enables permanent, high-quality printheads, high yields, and consistent quality in every chip.


Highly Scalable

Modular chips can be arrayed in various print head configurations.

Quality that Scales

These remarkable chips are designed to function on their own or can be combined in many configurations. This unrivaled scalability delivers superior image quality and high productivity in every printer powered by PrecisionCore.

Reliability that Scales

With the broadest market application in the industry and the ability to support a wide variety of inks and media, PrecisionCore technology is adaptable for consumer, office, commercial and industrial printing.

Production that Scales

The scale and reliability of PrecisionCore are without comparison. Epson produces over 15 million printers every year with permanent printheads designed to last the life of the printer allowing for the greatest possible production scale and overall customer value.


Heat-Free Technology

Designed for efficient ink usage and low power consumption.

Designed for Efficiency

PrecisionCore is built using innovative Heat-Free technology that not only enables efficient ink usage, but also low power consumption which requires less energy.

Designed to Reduce

With fewer maintenance parts, high-yield consumables and printheads designed to last the life of the printer, PrecisionCore is designed to reduce waste, reduce electricity and reduce service calls.

Designed with the Future in Mind

Epson is committed to developing efficient, compact and precise innovation to reduce our environmental footprint and shape the future of printing.

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Watch how this next-generation inkjet technology produces up to 40 million precise dots per second to provide professional output at dramatic speeds.

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Take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the fully automated Epson print head production in Japan for a rare glimpse into the advanced technology behind PrecisionCore.

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Hear from Epson's team of experts, who spent years bringing this groundbreaking print head to the forefront of technology, and see what went into one of the largest strategic investments in Epson’s history.

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