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Enhance your document output security, manage print costs, and improve productivity with Epson Print Admin. This affordable, user-friendly software integrates with Epson business inkjets to address your print management needs.

Print Management Software for Epson Business Printers

Epson Print Admin was designed with Epson business customers in mind. The software pairs easily with your existing or new fleet of Epson business printers to provide the print management solutions that are essential to your business.

Also available in an embedded serverless solution.

Manage Print Costs

Epson Print Admin is the answer to businesses seeking an automated and cost-effective print management solution. Whether it’s managing printing costs via billing codes or setting user-group credit limits, Epson Print Admin helps you save time, resources, and printing costs.

Quick & Affordable Integration

Epson Print Admin works with your existing Epson printers and IT infrastructure, providing an alternative to expensive upgrades.

Reduce Print Waste

Custom-tailored printing policies help you to manage print costs by avoiding excessive paper and ink usage.

Automatic Cost Scheduling*

Obtain cost accounting and automatic billing for prints, scans and fax.

Custom Security Solutions

Epson is the choice for business seeking a simple, affordable and adaptable secure printing solution. Featuring adjustable user authentication, Epson Print Admin provides the flexibility you need to help safeguard sensitive information and print confidentially, without straining your IT budget.

Adjustable User Authentication

Authenticate via name/password, PIN number or with a card reader.

Scan to Password-Protected PDF

Scan your documents to password-protected PDF files—with editing and printing permissions.

Authenticated Pull Printing**

Release your print job from an Epson Print Admin-enabled printer – connected to the network – whenever you are.

Take Control of Your Printing

Epson Print Admin is the solution to businesses seeking easy ways to help reduce unclaimed printouts and improve productivity. A friendly user interface helps you create customized rules, policies and reports. Epson Print Admin enables you to take control of your printing environment without overwhelming your IT staff.

Rules-based Printing*

Create custom print policies that can be applied to entire user groups – on a per-device or on a per-user basis.

Policy Management*

Assign different policies to users or groups to control your businesses costs and dynamics.

Tracking, Alerts & Reporting***

Track page counts, send budget notifications and create comprehensive usage and cost reports.

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*Not available in Epson Print Admin Serverless Solution.

**Epson Print Admin Serverless Jobs can only be pulled from the designated machine.

***Epson Print Admin Serverless only supports usage tracking and reporting.

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