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Installation Projector Advanced Features

Stacked 3D Solutions

Epson's stacked solution, using two projectors, creates an impressive viewing experience with twice the brightness. Polarized filters, in combination with low-cost glasses, make it easy to enjoy a theater experience.

Stacked 3D Solutions

Split Screen

Great for collaborative meetings, classes and video conferencing, split screen allows you to display content of multiple formats from two to four images simultaneously on a single screen.

Split Screen


Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) allows for superb and accurate tonal reproduction, for improved medical imagery such as X-rays.

Edge Blending

Use multiple projectors to overlap images with no bright spots where the overlap occurs. Projectors with this feature are ideal for art galleries, digital signage, video walls, command centers and stages.

Edge Blending


DCDi (Directional Correlation Deinterlacing) is a video chipset that improves movie reproduction by de-interlacing video content, reducing noise caused by decompression and enhancing sharpness.

360-Degree Projection

With 360-degree projection you can project from any angle, by installing the projector from any position within a 360-degree radius.

split 360 Degree Projection



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