More Information on Installation Projector Advanced Features: Lamp Maintenance

Reliability and the cost to operate your projector depend on one main factor— lamp maintenance.

Filters are an important part of lamp maintenance. They protect the lamp and engine of your projector from dust buildup, keep it running reliably and make maintenance easy. Some projectors claim to be "filter free." Though these projectors have no filters to replace, they also do not have a method to protect the lamp from outside environmental elements such as dust and humidity, which greatly impacts the life of the lamp. Look for a projector with a long lamp life—at least 3,000 hours is preferred, and about 5,000 hours is typical.

Finally, if something goes wrong with your projector, you want to make sure you can get it fixed quickly. Be sure to look at the service and support available for the projector you are considering. You should be able to get a support representative on the phone or replace your machine quickly if something malfunctions. Service and support, especially in mission-critical situations, puts projector cost comparisons in a whole new light.