Education Displays for Classrooms

That bulky flat panel?
Ditch it.

There's a better way to display.

Epson laser displays are the big, bright, efficient choice for the classroom, delivering an immersive experience other displays can't match and fostering engaging educational environments and strong learning outcomes.

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A projected image of sea life showing how small flat panel is compared to projection

See better.
Learn better.

With a maximum display size up to 160", over 4x the size of 75" flat panels, and simple 1:1 device sharing, students can see the whole picture and engage fully with each lesson.

A projected image of sea life showing how small flat panel is compared to projection

Never get boxed in.

Present up to four content pieces together and break out of the box of a single-sized flat panel with adjustable aspect ratio options.

Use the wall.
Don't lose the wall.

Epson laser displays transform virtually any flat surface into a learning tool, optimizing limited classroom space and leaving no clunky monitors behind when not in use.

See your whiteboards in full color.

Experience all the benefits of a huge screen without sacrificing a single inch of your whiteboard to a space-stealing flat panel display.

Smart, Space-Saving Display Solutions

Epson laser projectors are designed with educators, students, and administrators in mind.

Take big ideas almost anywhere.

Epson’s smartly designed Mobile AV Projector Solution pairs with the PowerLite 810E/815E extreme short throw laser projectors to easily transform almost any wall on the go.

A teacher pointing to a projected screen.

Introduce powerful teaching technology, right at their fingertips.

Class-wide collaboration is easier — and more exciting — than ever, with touchscreen-style interactivity and easy casting1 to fuel engagement.

A teacher standing in front of a whiteboard.

Adapt for your-sized space and your-sized budget.

Maximize your investment with the right projection solution to suit your exact space — and your exact budget.

A projector laser light.

Go laser with lamp-free projectors.

With Epson's advanced laser technology, you'll never change a bulb again and enjoy up to 30,000 hours of this virtually maintenance-free laser light source2.

A woman working on a laptop.

Simplify your setup.

Epson laser displays are easy to install and easy to maintain, offering free software tools and simple, seamless integration into your classroom tech stack.

Students looking at an image of space on their laptop and projected onto a wall.

Discover what today's displays can do.

As the world's best-selling brand of projection technology, Epson displays offer unparalleled experiences through an OS-agnostic display solution and a suite of value-added software.

Seamless Integration & Interoperability
Epson projectors are expertly designed to make things easy on you, so you can focus more on teaching and less on troubleshooting.
OS Agnostic

Ensure that your display technology will outlive your operating system
Encrypted Wireless Solutions

Enjoy peace of mind that your content is secure
Remote Management

Be anywhere and aware of the health of your devices
Free Suite of Software

Simplify complex tasks to make the most of your investment
Technical Support

Protect your investment post-purchase with help from our world-class support team

The Future of Classroom Technology

Today's classrooms deserve an innovative and immersive way to display.

Classroom Management Products & Resources

A teacher in front of a projected screen.

BrightLink Teacher Tools

Leverage our training resources to learn how to use your interactive display to it's best advantage.

A business person in front of a projected screen

BrightLink Installer Tools

Gain access to a complete library of helpful installation tips and tools.

A strand of DNA presented on multiple types of screens

iProjection App

Wirelessly project from Chromebook, iOS* or Android™ mobile devices with the free Epson iProjection app3.

Epson Projector Management Connected

Monitor and control your networked projector fleet from any device with a web browser tool.

A screen from Epson Projector Content Management Software

Epson Projector Content Manager

Change projector settings and check information using NFC wireless communications technology.

Epson Content Creator app icon

Content Creator

Create custom content on an iPhone or iPad for your Epson projector with the Creative Projection app.

Product and Pricing Guides

Epson Projector Line guide cover image

Line Guide

Browse our comprehensive guide to the complete line of Epson projectors.

Epson Education guide cover image

Education Guide

Take a look at all Epson products suited for educational environments.

Children raising their hands in a classroom

Brighter Futures Pricing

Put state-of-the-art technology in every classroom with special Brighter Futures pricing programs and benefits that reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Case Studies

Students working in a classroom

Des Moines Public School

From three STEM classrooms to the entire district — in one year.

A teacher instructing students in front of a projected image

Walled Lake School District

An early adopter district makes BrightLink "the center of a learning ecosystem."

A teacher helping a student interact with a projected image

Pflugerville Independent School District

Inspired by BrightLink's interactivity, teachers find new ways to enhance learning.

A teacher pointing at a projected screen in front of the class

Livonia Public Schools

Ongoing Epson customer care helps teachers maximize the benefits of BrightLink.

A student interacting with a projected image on a white board

Muskego Lakes Middle School

BrightLink creates the opportunity for teachers and students to interact in new ways.

A teacher instructing students in front of a projected map

Tuscaloosa City Schools

BrightLink provides students with collaborative workspaces well-situated for modern classrooms.

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1 Required connection to wired or wireless network
2 No required maintenance for the light source for up to 30,000 hours in eco mode. Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration testing assuming use of 0.04 - 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environment. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.
3 For wireless functionality, including via the Epson iProjection App, the projector must be configured on a network, either through the Ethernet port on the projector (check model specifications for availability) or via a wireless connection. Check your owner’s manual to determine if a wireless LAN module must be purchased separately to enable a wireless connection. Not all Epson projectors are able to be networked. The Epson iProjection App does not support all files and formats. See for details.