Take automation to the next level with Epson Force Guide.

Multi-axis Force/Torque Sensor

Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, Force Guide has three linear and three rotational measurement axes for maximum precision.

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Enable unique, high-precision applications.

Force Guide enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with high precision ― perfect for tasks requiring enhanced robot performance.

Powerful Performance

Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots.


Detects force down to 0.1 N and adjusts motion with amazing precision.

Superior Rigidity

Durable sensor is built to withstand force up to 1000N.

Fully Integrated into the Epson RC+® Development Environment

Point-and-click setup for fast, easy implementation.

Easy-to-use interface with graphical wizards, charts and more. Reduce the amount of coding with decision-based flowcharts and intelligent objects.

Integrate with Epson’s award-winning robots.

SCARA Robots

Providing customers with the power of choice has made Epson the #1 SCARA Robot manufacturer in the world. With more than 300 models, Epson has the right robot for your application.

6-Axis Robots

Compact, high-performance 6-Axis Robots offer outstanding flexibility and reliability. With a unique SlimLine design and reduced footprint, Epson’s 6-Axis Robots are able to work in tight spaces like never before.

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