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High precision and fast cycles have been the hallmark of Epson Robots for decades within the Electronic/Semiconductor industries. With applications such as chip placement, board testing, wafer handling – including cleanroom functionality – Epson Robots deliver.

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Epson Robots have a long history as the solution of choice for the semiconductor and electronics industries. With a large selection of ISO 3 clean room robots including G-Series SCARA and C3 6-axis models, Epson robots are commonly found in clean rooms throughout the world. But our electronics manufacturing experience doesn’t stop there. With applications from custom chip assembly to wire bonding, cell phone manufacturing and Aerospace component assemblies, Epson Robots are used for a wide range of Electronic and Semiconductor related applications. Shown below are a few applications where are Epson Robots are currently being used.

  • Custom chip assembly
  • Wire bonding
  • Automated circuit board testing
  • Electronic encoder assembly
  • Laser diode fiber optic test system
  • Electronic components assembly
  • Automated cleaning, soldering and dipping of circuit board components
  • PC board assembly
  • Automated board inspection
  • Wafer handling
  • Touch panel assembly
  • Connector assembly
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