Tax Exemption Request

At Epson, we value your business - that is why we have created a program for customers who may be eligible for tax exemption.

Benefits of Sales Tax Exemption

Customers who are tax exempt may be eligible to use their tax exempt status for purchases from Epson America, Inc. Your tax exempt certificate must be on file at Epson America, Inc. at the time of purchase or sales tax will be charged as required by applicable tax laws.

How to Get Started

  1. Attach a copy of your state’s tax exemption certificate
    The tax exemption certificate must be valid and complete. The organization or individual name and the billing or shipping address on the order must exactly match the name and address on the certificate. Only a blanket PO certificate will be accepted for the business or individual doing business with Epson America, Inc. No third party exemption or partial exemption certificates will be accepted.

  2. Terms for billing (optional)
    If you are a U.S. governmental agency (city, county, state or federal), publicly funded school or school district and also require terms for billing, please attach a completed copy of Epson America, Inc.’s Credit Application. A signed credit application is required for consideration of credit line and terms.

  3. Email all information to
    Fill in the requested information from the table below and email all completed documents to Please use “Tax Exemption Account Request” as your email’s subject.

Copy and paste this table in your email and complete with your information.

Customer Name                                                                                                        
Name of Tax Exempt Organization / Individual                                                                                                        
Type of Business                                                                                                        
Address Line 1                                                                                                        
Address Line 2                                                                                                        
State / Province                                                                                                        
Zip Postal Code                                                                                                        
Phone Number                                                                                                        
Email Address                                                                                                        
If we need to contact you, do you prefer phone or email?                                                                                                        
Please allow 5-7 business days for processing given that all required information and documentation is submitted completely and accurately. If we have any questions regarding your tax exemption request, one of our Customer Service Coordinators will contact you.
Once all required information has been received and verified, a tax exempt account will be created. One of our Customer Service Coordinators will contact you via email with your new account details and instructions on how to place an order with Epson America, Inc.
Orders placed prior to creation of a tax exempt account will not be subject to refund of sales tax by Epson America, Inc.

To locate your specific state tax exemption form, please click on your state listed below.

Alabama Maine Pennsylvania
Arizona Maryland  Rhode Island
Arkansas Massachusetts South Carolina
California Michigan South Dakota
Colorado Minnesota Tennessee
Connecticut Mississippi Texas
Florida Missouri Utah
Georgia Nebraska Vermont
Hawaii Nevada Virginia
Idaho New Jersey Washington
Illinois New Mexico West Virginia
 Indiana New York  Wisconsin
Iowa North Carolina Wyoming
Kansas North Dakota District of Colombia
Kentucky Ohio  
Louisiana Oklahoma  

NOTE: Rules differ from state to state regarding sales tax exemption to Nonprofit / Tax Exempt organizations. If you are a nonprofit or tax exempt organization in the United States of America, please check the sales tax rules that apply to your state before requesting a tax exemption. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Customer agrees that customer shall be solely responsible and liable for the payment of any tax that may be due under applicable tax laws.

For additional questions, please contact If you are unable to email your forms, please fax them to 1-800-241-5749.