Epson Brings Ultra High Definition to Projection

Epson PRO-UHD projectors feature ultra-high resolution for crisp, clear images, plus a range of projector features beyond resolution that are critical to achieving the stunning image quality you expect from an Ultra High Definition (UHD) display.

4K Enhancement Technology

Epson's revolutionary 4K Enhancement (4Ke) Technology accepts 4K UHD content and upscales non-4K content to deliver amazing lifelike images exceeding Full HD resolution1.

High Dynamic Range - HDR102

Achieving a dramatic breakthrough in picture quality, Epson projectors with HDR support can display an expanded range of brightness and contrast, and full 10-bit color output for images with real-life detail.

100% Balanced Color Brightness

Equal color and white brightness deliver vibrant, rich, balanced color in every mode.3

Advanced 3-Chip Design

3LCD technology in Epson projectors produces brilliant images with true-to-life color. With 3-chip technology, you're guaranteed no color wheels, no white segments and no rainbow effect.

Rich Black Contrast

Epson's improved lens iris design delivers high contrast ratio for rich detail in both bright and dark scenes

L*a*b* Ultra-wide Color Gamut

Color gamut models illustrate the range of colors a projector can reproduce. Epson PRO-UHD projectors cover 100% of the Three-Dimensional DCI-P3 Color Space — the digital standard — for 50% wider color range than sRGB and Rec.7094

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Projector Support

Take advantage of industry-leading warranties and toll-free support for Epson Home and Pro Cinema Projectors, which are backed by one of the world’s finest customer care programs. Replacement products ship to the U.S. or Canada, free of charge, and arrive with a postage-paid return shipping label.

1 4K Enhancement Technology (4Ke) shifts each pixel diagonally to double Full HD resolution. Resolution is Full HD in 3D mode.
2 HDR performance available with select devices. For more information, see
3 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in Accordance with ISO 21118.
4 Entire DCI color space can displayed in Digital Cinema Mode only