The Evolution of Branch Banking

The demand for comprehensive services—both online and in‑person—has created a dramatic shift in customer behaviors and expectations. Learn how you can embrace recent disruptive technologies and trend awareness to better serve millennials, small business and baby boomers at your branches.

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Explore key chapters and learn how technology is positively impacting customer service.

Trends and Implications for Branches

Today's disruptive technologies and trends are driving the need for financial services companies to completely transform their branches. Learn the three most prevalent trends affecting banks and credit unions.

The Service Hub Model

Re‑invent your branch and learn how to increase efficiency, gain customer loyalty, achieve consistency and organizational branding.

Using Data to Enhance Customer Interactions

Learn how collecting appropriate transactional data real‑time can be analyzed to yield specific recommendations for enhancing customer service.

Technology and Process

See how streamlining complex services, supporting customer independence and updating the technology in your financial institution can improve efficiency and the overall customer experience.

Resetting Service for the Financial Institution

What's Inside this Whitepaper:

  • 13 Page PDF
  • Executive Summary
  • Part I: Trends and implications for branches
  • Part II: The service hub model
  • Part III: Using data to enhance customer interactions
  • Part IV: Technology and Process
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