Distributed Color Printing Increases Department Efficiency

Deploying a balanced printing approach between distributed inkjet printers and centralized MFDs can provide your business with a greater level of productivity, security and control.

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Whitepaper Highlights

Explore key chapters that explain how augmenting your centralized printing with distributed inkjet printers makes good business sense.

Re‑think Centralization

Read about the potential risks of using a solely centralized approach to business printing.

Optimize Productivity

Learn how distributed inkjet printers can optimize productivity for your work groups.

Improve Security & Control

Gain clarity on how a distributed approach can mitigate the security risks involved with centralized printing.

Balance Printer Deployment

See how to make the most out of your printers by striking a balance between centralized and distributed printing approaches.

Manage the Business, Not the Printer

What's Inside this Whitepaper:

  • 8 Page PDF
  • Executive Summary
  • Part I: The Downside of Centralization
  • Part II: Is it Time for Business Inkjets?
  • Part III: Moving Forward—Balanced Deployment
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