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Easy monitoring and control

Epson Projector Configuration Tool (EPCT) is an app that allows you to change projector settings and check information using NFC wireless communications technology. By simply holding an NFC-compatible iPhone1 or Android2 phone over the NFC mark on the projector, you can obtain information and change settings even when the projector is off. You can configure network and projection settings before the installation, which can greatly reduce the time and effort that is required to install multiple projectors.

      • Read/write function via Epson projector's NFC tag
      • Read or write projector info by holding a mobile phone over NFC tag.
      • NFC writing can be secured by setting a password
      • Change up to 100 projectors settings as a batch and apply them by holding amobile phone over the NFC tag on each projector.
      • Export a CSV file to edit projector info then import it into the app to change the projector's settings.
      • Makes the routine management of projectors a breeze, using info read from projectors.

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1 Compatible with iOS 13 or later and iPhone 7 or later (iPads are not supported).

2 Compatible with Android 8.0 or later models with an NFC function.