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PowerLite Home 20

Innovative Epson 3LCD technology offers the best possible image quality, even in dark areas of the picture. With one LCD panel each for red, green and blue, it's truly a better way to see, whatever the environment. Use the Epson PowerLite Home 20 in your living room, or any room of the house, at anytime. It's compact and extremely versatile. In fact, its vertical and horizontal offset lens shift feature means you can use it anywhere without distortion. Images can be moved 25% horizontally and 50% vertically without moving the projector or without any digital manipulations. And, with the projector's convenient throw distance, you can fill an 80" screen from only 6'6" away. Wherever you choose to entertain, it's the ideal fit. Wow your friends and family with incredible widescreen entertainment. Wall sized TV, bigger than life video games, and movie theater-sized films and photos are at your control. With the Epson PowerLite Home 20, it couldn't be easier to enjoy an authentic theater experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Epson is a recognized leader in technology with a reputation for innovative products and unsurpassed image quality. Epson pioneered LCD optical engine design and holds thousands of LCD patents. Epson 3LCD technology provides a more detailed and accurate picture. The color palette is wide and the image detail is sharp. The system also enables a quieter, cooler running system.

  • Model: V11H180020