For Work Printers Inkjet Stylus C82WN Ink Jet Printer

Epson Stylus C82WN Ink Jet Printer

Ideal for flexible business and home office setups, the Epson Stylus® C82WN offers high-speed wireless printing and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi. It provides remarkable plain paper printouts and consistently produces vibrant colors and ultra sharp black text with no smudging or bleeding.

The Epson Stylus C82WN speeds through black text documents at up to 22 ppm. And, it includes individual ink cartridges for more efficient use. Epson DuraBrite™ Ink provides remarkable long-lasting color that's resistant to water and fading. Because the ink particles remain near the surface, the printer is ideal for double-sided prints.

Revolutionary Resolution Performance Management™ technology offers another advantage, with variable size ink droplets in up to six different sizes, some as small as three picoliters. As a result, the printer offers more precise placement of the droplets, and your customers get incredible detail while maintaining manageable file sizes.

Based on WiFi™ technology, this innovative ink jet also includes an external EpsonNet 802.11b Wireless Print Server. With this convenient cable-free connectivity, printer placement problems are eliminated. In fact, multiple users are able to print from virtually anywhere, making the Epson Stylus C82WN the optimal desktop color printer.

Printer requires either a PC equipped with an 802.11b wireless adapter or an 802.11b access point. Users connected to a wired LAN can print through an 802.11b access point.

  • Model: C11C486001WN