For Work Robots Controllers Epson RC700E Controller with SafeSense Technology

Epson RC700E Controller with SafeSense Technology

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Built to Perform with Industrial-Rated Safety Features

  • Leading-Edge Ease of Use with Epson RC+®
  • Integrated SafeSense Technology
  • Controls Epson® GX-B Series SCARA Robots
  • High Performance, Open Architecture, PC-Based
  • Wide Variety of Integrated Options Available

The Epson RC700E robot controller is the next-generation high-performance controller with powerful motion control, open architecture and leading-edge ease of use plus integrated safety technology. More than just a connection to a PC, the RC700E combines both the power of PC-based controls and the power of a real-time engine, running up to 32 tasks with over 500 commands to optimize runtime, recovery and error handling. The RC700E features intelligent servo drives that provide high acceleration, smooth motion and fast settling times to help maximize throughput with proprietary GYROPLUS® vibration reduction technology. All of this along with an open architecture design allows customers to add third-party software and hardware to build systems to suit their needs.

The RC700E can enable customers to build industrial collaborative work cells with Epson GX-B Series robots. Featuring SafeSense technology with an EN/ISO 13849 safety rating, the RC700E provides safety rated speed and position monitoring that, with proper risk assessment, can allow humans and robots to interact without a safety fence. This next-level technology helps improve productivity by enabling faster interaction with machines for daily operations and maintenance. And by potentially removing the need for physical safety barriers, users can help reduce the footprint and overall cost of their robot automation system.

Advanced and beginner users alike select the RC700E as their robot controller because it can help save time and money with almost every application. This full-featured, compact and convenient solution offers an efficient and flexible form factor that can be floor, wall or rack mounted, includes Modbus TCP/IP and offers 24 inputs and 16 outputs. All connections plus lockout, backup port and message display can be easily accessed on the front panel of the controller.

The RC700E includes Epson RC+ software—with no reoccurring license fee—to streamline program development and simplify automation tasks. This industry leading software is ideal for creating industrial robot solutions that are standalone, featuring a GUI option; PC-based with API options; or PLC-controlled with remote fieldbus options for added convenience. Epson RC+ wizards, point and click setup, Jog and Teach window, Integrated Debugger, 3D simulator and many other features help reduce overall development time. In addition, options such as Vision Guidance, .NET support (RC+ API), EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder and much more are fully integrated into the Epson RC+ development environment to help maximize performance and ease of use.

Technical Specifications:

Basic Hardware Specs:
Memory Capacity
Maximum Object Size: 8MB
Point Data Area: 1,000 points (per file)
Backup Variable Area: Max. 400KB (includes the memory area for the management table)
Approx. 4,000 variables (depends on the size of array variables)

External Input / Output Signals (Standard)
Standard I/O: 24 Inputs/16 Outputs, Including 8 inputs with remote function assigned; assignment change allowed

Communication Interface (Standard)
Ethernet: 1 channel
USB: 1 port


Available Robots: GX-Series SCARA (GX4B, GX8B)Options:
  • I/O: Inputs 24 per board / Outputs 16 per board; Maximum of 3 boards allowed
  • Analog I/O: 1 or 4 channels
  • RS-232C: 2 channels per board; Maximum of 2 boards allowed
  • Fieldbus I/O Slave: 1 channel per board, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT; Maximum of 1 board allowed
  • Pulse Generator1: 4 axes/board; Maximum of 1 board allowed
  • Fieldbus I/O Master: 1 channel per board, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP; Maximum of 1 board allowed

Physical Specifications:

Weight: Control Unit: 26.45 lb / 12 KgSafety Standards and Features:
  • TUV Certified to meet ISO 10218-1, UL 1740, CSA Z434, ISO 13849
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Safety Door Input
  • Low Power ModeDynamic Brake
  • Encoder Cable Disconnection Error Detection
  • Motor Overload Detection
  • Irregular Motor Torque (Out Of Control Manipulator) Detection
  • Motor Speed Error Detection
  • Positioning Overflow - Servo Error Detection
  • CPU Irregularity Detection
  • Memory Check-Sum Error Detection
  • Overheat Detection at the Motor Drive Module
  • Relay Welding Detection
  • Over-Voltage Detection
  • AC Power Supply Voltage Reduction Detection
  • Temperature Error Detection
  • Fan Error Detection
Integrated Safety Board
  • Safety Input: 5 dual signal inputs
  • Safety Output: 3 dual signal outputs
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Safety Stop (SS1)
  • Emergency Stop
  • Enable
  • Soft Axis Limit
  • Safeguard (SG)/Safety Gate
Optional Safety Functions
  • Safety Limited Speed (SLS)
  • Safety Limited Position (SLP)
  • Joint Angle Monitoring
Integrated Safety and Optional Safety Performance
Category 3, PLdRobot Manipulator Control: Programming Language and Robot Control Software: Epson RC+ 7.0 (a multitasking robot OS)
Joint Control: Up to 6 joints simultaneous control (AC Servo)
Motion Type: CP (Continuous Path) motion, PTP (Point to Point) motion
Speed Control:
  • PTP Motion: Programming in the range of 1 to 100%
  • CP Motion: Programmable (actual value to be manually entered)
Acceleration/Deceleration Control:
  • PTP Motion: Programming in the range of 1 to 100%
  • CP Motion: Programmable (actual value to be manually entered)
Power Source: Power Source: AC 200-240 V / Single Phase 60/60 Hz