Google has removed Conversational Actions, which include the Epson Printer action, from Google Assistant as of June 13,

Visit Google's
Conversational Actions sunset overview page for more details.

Setting Up Epson Connect via Registration Sheet and Setting Up the Google Assistant Epson Printer Action

Before you start, make sure your product is connected to the internet with a wireless or Ethernet connection as described on the Start Here sheet for your product.

Note: The Epson Connect Registration Sheet feature is not available on all Epson printer models. If you don’t see this feature, try one of the other setup methods.

  1. Depending on your printer model, do one of the following:

    • Select Settings > General Settings > Web Service Settings > Epson Connect Services.
    • Select Settings > Web Service Settings > Epson Connect Services.
    • Select Settings or Setup > Epson Connect Services > Register/Delete.
  2. Select Register.
  3. Select Start Setup.

    The Epson Connect Registration Sheet prints.
  4. Follow the instructions on the sheet to set up your Epson Connect account and connect your printer.
  5. Do one of the following:

    • On an Android device, press and hold the Home button until the Google Assistant appears.
    • On an iOS device, install and run the Google Assistant app.
  6. Select the explore icon Explore icon.
  7. Search for the Epson Printer action and select it.

    search window with Epson printer result
  8. Select Link.

    setup window with Epson printer icon and link button
  9. Enter your Epson Connect username and password, and select Sign In.

    Epson connect sign in window
  10. Select Try It to test the Epson Printer action.

    Epson connect window with epson printer icon and try it button

You can now use Google Assistant to print to your Epson printer. To learn more about using the Epson Printer action, see the help sheet that printed or click here to view Epson Printer action usage instructions.