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Explore a wide range of Epson and third-party media compatible with ColorWorks label printers, available in a variety of finishes with a broad spectrum of use cases and applications.

I have my Epson color printer, now how do I find the right labels?

Epson recommends inkjet coated label media to get the best image quality and durability. Here are 3 options:

Epson Media

Our resellers and distributors are highly experienced in suggesting labels that work with your printer.

Compatible Media

Epson works with major label manufacturers to identify inkjet media that is compatible with Epson ColorWorks printers; this is published in our Compatible Media list. This list provides:

  • Information on the many media options for ColorWorks printers-- including clear, semi-gloss, BS-5609 certified, and more.
  • Links to vendor spec sheets which give information on the adhesive and construction.

Inkjet media offered through your reseller or distributor

Our resellers and distributors are highly experienced in suggesting labels that work with your printer.

Things to consider when selecting the right label

What type of finish do you want for the label?

The main types of finishes are matte and gloss, but there are other options available, such as: semi-gloss, clear, metallized, plain uncoated, and textured.

In what environment are you using the label?

If your products will be exposed to moisture, you want a label that is water resistant. Some paper labels have water resistant properties, but we suggest a synthetic film label for high humidity or wet environments. If your product will be frequently handled by hand and exposed to elements, a durable synthetic label is recommended.

What substrate are you applying the label to?

Choose a label with an adhesive that suits the substrate. Plastics and drums are harder to adhere to and require particular adhesives.

How long will you need the label to last for?

If you’re printing shipping labels, a plain uncoated label will do fine. If you’re printing labels for laboratory use, then you may want a BS-5609 certified label.

Epson's Compatible Media List gives guidance and information on available label options.

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