Light appears outside of the Epson SilverFlex screen when I project in a dark room. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    • Turn on some lights in the room. The lights will not affect the image quality because the Epson SilverFlex screen will reject the ambient light. The projector performs best in a room where there is some ambient light.
    • Eliminate digital correction adjustments for Quick Corner, Keystone, Zoom, and Blanking. This will make full use of the projector LCD panels and reduce the possibility of a “light shadow".

      Note: If you remove digital correction settings, you may need to make adjustments to fit the projected image to the screen again.

      If you reduce or remove digital corrections settings, you may see reflected light outside of the screen in a dark room. The Epson SilverFlex screen bezel is only 3/8" thick, where typically other home theater screen frames are 3" thick. The thinner screen will not hide the additional reflected light.

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