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GX-Series SCARA Robots

A new class of high-power-density SCARA robots, GX-Series builds upon Epson’s 40 years of expertise to deliver next-level performance and flexibility. Engineered to meet your unique automation needs, it offers multiple arm configurations and high throughput with large payloads to accomplish the most demanding tasks with leading-edge precision.

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Taking Performance to the Next Level

GX-Series SCARA robots offer superior performance to meet the most demanding high-tech automation needs. These top-of-the-line, innovative, slimline design robots can complete complex work while operating at the highest speeds within a compact footprint.

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With multiple arm configurations and reach options, GX-Series robots can accomplish the most demanding tasks with ultra-high precision.

Image of SCARA GX robot

High Power Density

GX-Series robots feature ultra-high power density, to handle large payloads while maintaining a small footprint.

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GX-Series robots have faster cycle times with higher acceleration for increased part throughput, as compared to prior generations.

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Safety Rated

The RC700E controller provides safety rated speed and position monitoring that, with proper risk assessment, can allow humans and robots to interact without a safety fence.

GX4 Robots

Payload: 4kg

Reach: 250mm/300mm/350mm

Z Reach: 150mm/120mm

Mounting: Table and Multiple

Configurations: Standard, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Cleanroom (ISO3) and ESD

GX8 Robots

Payload: 8kg

Reach: 450mm/550mm/650mm

Z Reach: 200mm/330mm; Long Reach Option Available

Mounting: Table, Ceiling, and Wall

Configurations: Standard, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Cleanroom (ISO3) and ESD, and Protected (IP65)

Features & Benefits

In addition to offering high throughput with large payloads, GX-Series robots have several unique features and benefits to create powerful automation solutions.

Fast Cycle Times

GX-Series robots have higher acceleration compared to prior generations. Smooth motion and fast settling times help maximize throughput for high-precision applications.

Optimal Footprint

GX-Series robots are available in multiple arm lengths and allow for flexible mounting options as well as a cable bottom exit option. Optional longer Z-axis available on some models.


GX-Series robots use battery-less encoders, a built-in Ethernet cable, Epson RC+ software with no recurring license fee and a rich suite of safety features supporting a remarkably low total cost of ownership (TCO)​.

Introducing GYROPLUS Technology

GYROPLUS technology, a proprietary Epson innovation, uses embedded quartz crystal sensors to provide real-time feedback to reduce residual vibration, with no ringing or overshoot. With GYROPLUS, GX-Series robots are able to offer better performance with faster dampening of vibrations.

Epson RC+ Development Software

Epson RC+ offers a powerful set of tools and features that redefine automation efficiency. This advanced suite of software is simple to use and is included with an Epson GX-Series robot purchase with no recurring licensing fee.

Built for the Most Demanding Conditions

In addition to offering ultimate design flexibility with variable arm reaches, arm styles, and mounting options, GX-Series robots provide state-of-the-art configurations to serve a variety of industries and to handle challenging environments with ease.

Cleanroom (ISO3)

Ideal for lab and medical manufacturing.

Available Configurations

  • GX4
  • GX8


Ideal for handling and assembly of sensitive electronic parts.

Available Configurations

  • GX4
  • GX8


IP65 rating for wet/washdown environments.

Available Configurations

  • GX8

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