A Legacy of Precision

Epson strives for perfection. Our patented technologies consistently place us in the list of top global Intellectual Property (IP) patent holders. This commitment to innovation is what makes us the top patent portfolio holder in our core product lines and has earned us recognition as a technology leader by Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators for five successive years.

Scanning Made Simple

Epson scanning technology makes it easier to digitize documents, eliminating paper clutter and increasing accessibility.

Document Capture Pro

File management software, exclusively for select Epson scanners

Seamlessly scan and integrate documents into cloud services with the latest version of our advanced software. Plus, you can easily scan, manipulate, send and automate scanning jobs.

Easy Photo Fix

One-touch color photo restoration

Available on select Epson scanners and all-in-ones, Epson's exclusive One-Touch color restoration renews faded and discolored photos, slides and negatives to their near-original brilliance.