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Home Kitchen Display (KDS) Controller with Built in Printer

Improve your customer's experience with Epson's QSR solutions

Flexible, Scalable & Easy to Install

From front counter to kitchen to tableside ordering, Epson's QSR solutions, with KDS and kitchen printing, can help boost efficiency by seamlessly integrating into existing workflows.

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All-in-One Solution

Perfect for small, quick‑serve restaurants (QSRs), this controller drives your customer's kitchen display as well as provides a printing solution.

Easy Installation & Configuration

An intuitive configuration utility makes it easy to get your customers up and running quickly.

Easily Integrate with Existing POS

Epson KDS integrates seamlessly into most major systems and is POS agnostic, so it does not require any software modifications.

Direct-Connect Solutions

For QSRs that need a reliable controller and printer in one device

  • Simplified infrastructure—a reliable KDS controller and receipt/back-up printer in one device
  • Simple configuration—intuitive Windows-based configuration utility with simple graphical interface
  • Easy to use—designed for QSRs; focused feature set for simplified operation
  • Seamless integration within your workflow—compatible with most POS systems

Multi-Station Solutions

For QSRs that need scalability to easily add more kitchen display stations to their workflow

  • Supports easy scalability—add up to nine stations via KDS expansion modules connected to the KDS controller network
  • Improved efficiency and customer satisfaction—ensures uninterrupted service; automatically reroutes orders to other stations if a display malfunctions


Lightweight and portable, these rugged battery-powered POS receipt printers help drive transactional efficiency

  • Drop‑rated up to 6.5 feet
  • 2" or 3" receipt printing
  • OS, Android, Windows mobile and desktop PC‑compatible
  • Models available with Auto Cutter & Peeler
  • Connectivity options include Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth


Designed to protect your legacy POS investment while enabling the newest technologies and trends in retail

  • Mobile and web‑based printing using ePOS‑Print technology
  • Control your peripherals easily through ePOS‑Device control
  • Enable cloud services
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Legacy connectivity options including COM/Serial, VGA and USB

TM‑T88V‑i (VGA)

TM‑T88V‑i (COM)

TM‑U220‑i (VGA)

TM‑U220‑i (COM)


USB Print
5.71" x 7.68" x 5.83"
5.71" x 7.68" x 5.83"
6.29" x 9.76" x 5.45"
6.29" x 9.76" x 5.45"
5.43" x 4.82" x 1.5"

Featured Case Studies

Taziki's Cafe

Taziki's used Epson technology to implement cloud-based online ordering via a branded mobile app, social media and an in-store kiosk, creating a fully integrated loyalty application.

Rich's Burger-N-Grub

Rich's Burger-N-Grub streamlined its ordering and kitchen operations using Epson's POS and kitchen display system.

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