Epson Solutions for Today’s Environment

From social distancing to customer safety-related messaging, Epson makes it easy.

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“ Early in 2020, no one really knew what was going on. We needed to provide peace of mind to anyone entering a building. When we realized that businesses needed tangible proof that someone was okay to enter, the Epson label printer was the easy answer. We easily printed a 'cleared' sticker once they passed the temperature scan - all done with a minimal integration lift. ”
  — Laura Davis‑Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer of InReality  

Versatile Solutions for A Variety of Needs

Whether you want to create labels and receipts, print disposable menus and signage, or project dynamic displays and videos for safety-related messaging, Epson has a solution that’s right for you.

Graphic Signage Printing

  • Large on-demand signs and posters
  • Interior social distancing posters, closed section signage, handwashing reminders and temperature check information
  • Floor graphics for directing traffic flow or guiding social distancing

Laser Projectors for Digital Signage

  • Projection onto glass to communicate store information and marketing materials from afar
  • Dynamic wayfinding to increase operation efficiency and implement store safety measures
  • Visual merchandising using QR codes to highlight relevant product information for an enhanced customer experience

The Epson Advantage

Diverse Solution Portfolio

  • Monochrome or color labeling for to-go orders
  • Printing of single-use menus and receipts
  • On-demand dynamic and printed signage, posters and directional floor graphics

Future Proofing

  • Use for numerous applications such as marketing signage, receipt printing and guest check-in badges
  • Print, display and communicate a wide-variety of different content and information
  • Can be used by various departments from accounting to the warehouse

Outstanding Reliability

  • Quality you can count on
  • Dedicated technical resources
  • Solutions to support unique business applications

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