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Open up a world of possibilities as a Moverio developer. Create true augmented reality applications that allow users to interact with real world objects in 3D. Registration is free of charge.

Developers may also apply to become a beta tester of the Moverio AR SDK, which provides access to everything you need to start developing true AR experiences, including Android API, Unity plugin, detailed documentation, sample applications and source code–all fee to use.

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Access the resources you need to develop your Moverio ideas.


Find technical specs, development guides and other useful resources to help bring your Moverio ideas to life. Or, search our forums and FAQs to get the answers you need about Moverio.

SDK Downloads

Download the Moverio SDK, along with optimized partner software, to begin building your own application.

Software Partners

Creating stunning augmented reality apps is simpler with the Wikitude AR SDK, which does all the heavy lifting for the developer, including optimizing content for the Moverio glasses.

Augumenta optimized an SDK for intuitive interaction solutions, which supports Epson Moverio glasses by enabling hand gesture controls and virtual input methods.

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