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Automation Solutions

Epson Robots has been a leading supplier for more than 30 years to manufacturing shops throughout the world who need high-speed, high-precision assembly and material handling. We are committed to helping our customers resolve their manufacturing challenges by improving quality, increasing throughput, improving yields and helping companies improve their bottom line numbers through innovative solutions.

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With over 30+ years in the Automotive Industry, Epson Robots are used to manufacture different automotive parts including brakes, ignition systems, instrument panels, mirrors and many more.
Automotive Solutions
Life Sciences

Epson Robots are very popular with leading medical manufacturers and used to build products such as contact lenses, dental instruments, hearing aids, pacemakers and more.

Life Sciences Solutions
Electronic / Semiconductor

High precision and fast cycles have been the hallmark of Epson Robots for decades within the Electronic/Semiconductor industries. With applications such as chip placement, board testing, wafer handling – including cleanroom functionality – Epson Robots deliver.

Electronic / Semiconductor Solutions

Millions of consumer products are built every day using Epson Robots, including chain saws, electronic toothbrushes, hard drives, and light bulbs. Our wide variety of robots ensures our customers are using the best robot for their needs.

Consumer Solutions

Batteries, valve assemblies, flooring, smoke detectors and more are built using Epson Robots. High reliability and high performance are the key factors when vendors select Epson Robots for their Industrial Applications.

Industrial Solutions

High-speed washdown robots along with integrated conveyor tracking and vision guidance options making Epson Robots ideal for food-handling applications.

Food Solutions
Lab Automation

Epson Robots are used daily for pipette handling/dispensing, precision fluid dispensing, blood analysis/testing, and many more applications.

Lab Automation Solutions

The high precision of Epson Robots is ideal for handling the delicate materials found in Solar. From stringing, testing, inspecting, and solar panel assembly Epson Robots deliver.

Packaging Solutions

With horizontal reach up to 1000mm and payload capabilities up to 20Kg, Epson SCARA robots are popular throughout the packaging industry. From meat packaging to automated prescription fulfillment, these robots are able to singulate, find with vision, inspect before packaging, and more.

Packaging Solutions

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