Epson ScanSmart® Software

Easily scan, edit, and share documents with confidence.

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Epson ScanSmart software simplifies your workflow.

Scan Documents

Start your scan directly from your Epson scanner or from your computer using the Epson ScanSmart software.

Preview & Edit

Optionally rotate, delete, reorder, and remove unnecessary pages

Save & Share Files

  • Easy to save with automatic file name suggestions
  • Upload to cloud for easy access and sharing
  • Create editable Microsoft Office documents

Turn your scans into dynamic documents.

Easy Smart File Naming

Epson ScanSmart suggests filenames based on key text within the document.

Convert to a Searchable PDF

Convert scanned documents to searchable PDFs using Kofax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine.

Save and Edit in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint

Immediately save and edit documents in your preferred Microsoft Office program.

Epson ScanSmart is compatible with our most popular document and photo scanners.