Projection Mapping Creates Brilliant, Colorful Displays

Learn how recent advances in projector technology have made projection mapping possible in both large and small venues.

Whitepaper Highlights

Explore key chapters and learn how projection mapping is used to achieve greater audience engagement.

Light Shapes Human Emotions

Learn about various light exposures, how they effect human emotion and how to pick the right projector for your audience.

Create a Greater Emotional Engagement

Review the various venues where projection mapping can be used to tell a larger more engaging story.

Projection Mapping Essentials

Check out the full list of mapping software and set of instructions to get you started on your projection mapping journey.

Scalable & Cost-effective

See how easy and affordable it is to implement innovative software into your business and create original projection mapping immersions.

Projection Mapping: Using High-Lumens Projectors for Greater Audience Engagement

What's Inside this Whitepaper:

  • 11 Page PDF
  • Executive Summary
  • Part I: Light Shapes Human Emotion
  • Part II: Light + Story = Greater Emotional Engagement
  • Part III: Projection Mapping Essentials
  • Part IV: Zero Sticker Shock with Epson PowerLite Pro® G 3LCD Projectors