For Work Robots 6-Axis C4 Compact 6-Axis Robots

Epson C4 Compact 6-Axis Robots


Epson C4 Compact 6-Axis Robots

Maximum Payload (kg): 4 kg
Arm Length / Reach (mm): 600 mm
3rd Party Safety Certifications: Optional
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Product Highlights

  • Fast Cycle Times with crisp motion
  • Best in Class Motion Range
  • Compact design for maximum flexibility
  • ISO Clean & ESD Compliant Models




High Speed - Exceptional Flexibility

The Epson C4 compact 6-Axis robots continues the tradition of setting new standards for small sized 6-axis robot performance. As the leader in compact 6-Axis robots, our new Epson C4 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. With outstanding flexibility, Epson C4 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Our goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting Epson's high performance standards. The new Epson C4 does that and more by allowing payloads up to 4Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times.

The Epson C4 cycle times are 0.37 seconds which is faster than many competitors SCARA models. All 6 joints on the C4 are on average 32.4% faster than equivalent competitor models in its' class. The C4's footprint to motion range ratio is in a class by itself and the outstanding flexibility allows Epson robots to do jobs that other small 6 axis arms simply cannot do (or that take much more cycle time to complete).

How Do We Do It?

Our slimline body and compact wrist design enable greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions than comparably sized models. In addition larger motors and superior servo controls allow for fast yet precise motion control which means smoother motion for your next application. In addition Epson acceleration/deceleration rates due to our high performance Epson proprietary servo system provide fast motion on a smooth path.

Industries We Serve

Epson C4 compact 6-axis robots are ideally suited for the Lab Automation, Medical, Consumer, Food, Automotive, Electronics, PC Peripheral, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from blood sample handling to DNA testing or from instrument panel assembly to medical instrument kitting. There are tens of thousands of different applications that these robots can handle. Give us a call and let us help you with your next application.

Building on the success form the Epson C3 Compact 6-axis robots, the Epson C4 Compact 6-axis robots were made from the ground up for maximum flexibility, motion range and speed with an increased payload capability. They include all the latest advances in robot design and performance. Epson C4 Compact 6-Axis Robots combined with our PowerDrive servo technology yield high performance results that customers have come to appreciate and expect from Epson. Also, included with our new C4 Compact 6-axis robots is our new leading edge motion control feedback system utilizing Epson QMEM's (Quartz Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) which sense angular velocity and feedback to our servo motion servo systems to help significantly reduce vibration during motion and stop/start.

High Performance
  • Industry leading cycle times
  • Faster than many competitors SCARA's
  • Up to 4Kg payloads while maintaining fast cycle times
  • High precision with repeatabilities you come to expect from Epson
  • QMEM's velocity feedback system for crisp motion
  • SlimLine body design and ultra compact wrist provide maximum flexibility
  • Best in class motion range to get to areas other small robots can't reach

Best in Class Controllers and Development Software
  • Epson RC+ leads the industry in ease of use to save development time
  • New RC700 Controller provides high peformance at a lower cost
  • Integrated options to maximize system performance and reduce overall development time (see options page for more details)
  • High performance processing power many times faster than competitors models
  • Customers can now select their own PC for use with our RC700 PC-Driven controllers to achieve maximum performance for minimum cost

Fully Integrated Options
  • Vision Guidance
  • .NET Connectivity with RC+ 7.0 API
  • DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link Fieldbus Connectivity
  • GUI Builder
  • Additional Axes Control
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Clean/ESD Models Available

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Lab Automation
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics

Core Specifications:

Arm Length / Reach: Horizontal Reach (to mounting face): 665mm
Horizontal Reach (to wrist center): 600mmRepeatability: +/-0.020mmPayload (Kg): Max 4 / Rated 1Cycle Time: 0.37 secMotion Range:
  • J1 (Turning): +/-170 deg
  • J2 (Lower Arm): -160 to +65 deg
  • J3 (Upper Arm): -51 to +225 deg
  • J4 (Wrist Roll): +/-200 deg
  • J5 (Wrist Bend): +/-135 deg
  • J6 (Wrist Twist): +/-360 deg
Allowable Moment of Inertia:
  • J4: 0.15 kg•m2
  • J5: 0.15 kg•m2
  • J6: 0.10 kg•m2
Brakes: All 6 AxesOptional Arm Configurations: Mounting Type: Tabletop, Ceiling
Clean & ESD: ISO 3 Clean & ESDOther: Development Software: EPSON RC+ 7.0

Other Specifications:

Motor Wattage:
  • J1: 400 Watts
  • J2: 400 Watts
  • J3: 150 Watts
  • J4: 50 Watts
  • J5: 50 Watts
  • J6: 50 Watts
User Lines: Electric: 9 (D-Sub Connector)
Air: 4 (4mm)Environmental: Temperature: 5- 40 deg C
Humidity: 10 - 80% (non condensing)Weight: 27 KgRobot Cables: 3M (standard), 5M (optional), 10M (optional)Safety Regulations:
  • ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999
  • CE
  • JIS B 8433
  • Machinery Directive: EN ISO 12100-1,EN ISO 12100-2, EN ISO 10218, EN 60204-1,EN ISO 13849-1
  • EMC Directive: EN55011,EN61000-6-2
  • JIS B 8433-1
  • CE
  • Korean KC Mark compliant
  • RoHS Directive


Robot Options:
  • Vision Guide
  • .NET Support
  • DeviceNet, EtherNEt/IP, Profibus, CC-Link
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • GUI Builder
  • Force Sensing