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RC700D Controller

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Powerfully Simple and Built to Perform

  • Leading Edge Ease of Use with Epson RC+ (New Version 7.0)
  • Controls Epson GX Series SCARA Robots
  • High Performance, Open Architecture, PC Based
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 Professional
  • Wide Variety of Integrated Options Available

The Epson RC700D controller is the next generation high performance controller line with both power, open architecture and leading edge ease of use. More than just a connection to a PC, the RC700D integrates both the power of PC based controls with the with the power of a real time engine running the up to 32 tasks and the SPEL+ language. In addition, the RC700D uses our Epson RC+ 7.0 development environment which is the leading edge in ease of use. Advanced and beginning users alike select the RC700D as their robot controller of choice because it can help save time and money with every application. The RC700D provides superior PowerDrive servo control for super smooth motion, fast accel/decel times, and fast cycle times. The RC700D works with the GX-Series SCARA robots. All of this along with an open architecture design allows customers to add 3rd party software and hardware to build systems to suit their needs.

The RC700D comes standard with the latest version (7.0) of our leading edge Epson RC+ Controls software and lots of fully integrated options. As the Industry Leader in ease of use, Epson RC+ wizards, point and click setup, Jog and Teach window, Integrated Debugger, Epson Smartsense and many other features help reduce overall development time as compared to competitive robot systems. In addition, options such as Vision Guidance, .NET support (RC+ 7.0 API), EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder and much more are fully integrated into the Epson RC+ development environment to help maximize performance and ease of use.

Technical Specifications:

Basic Hardware Specs: Chassis Description: Single Box Chassis; 19 inch rack mount size
CPU: Intel CPU for Maximum Performance Memory: 1GB
Option Slots: 4 Real Time Option Slots Available
Mounting Options: Desktop, Rack, FloorPC Requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 Professional (On User PC)Error Handling: Error History
User Errors
Automatic Error Logging
User defined errors and messagesSource Code Editor: Color coded with auto syntax assist, code indent, and built-in EPSON SmartSense™ TechnologyCommunication Interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP multiple communication channels available from SPEL+Development Environment: EPSON RC+ 7.0 - Project based development environment including:
  • Project Explorer for easy access to application files
  • Point file spreadsheets for editing points
  • Run Window for fast development
  • Robot Manager for Jogging, teaching points, and configuring robot parameters
  • I/O Monitor and I/O Label Editor allow easy setup and viewing of I/O Status
  • Task Manager provides debugging/monitoring dialog for all actively running tasks
  • Point and click configuration wizards
  • Operator Window for easy production use
  • Fully Integrated help system
Digital I/O: Standard I/O: 24 Inputs / 16 Outputs (Optically Isolated)
Expansion I/O: 24 Inputs / 16 Outputs (up to 4 boards max)Debugger: Source level with single step, breakpoints, watch variables and built in EPSON Smartsense™ technologyTeaching Methods: Remote, Direct, Manual Data InputMultitasking: Up to 48 simultaneous tasks (16 are background tasks)SPEL+ Language: SPEL+ high performance language with 425+ commands
Powerful, easy to learn structured language with features including: functions, parameter passing, variable types, long variable names, event traps, error handling and much moreLanguages Supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese


Available Robots: GX-Series SCARA (GX4, GX8)Options:
  • Option Slots: 4 Real Time Option Slots
  • Vision Guidance: Industry leading ease of use with Vision Guide 7.0 (CV1 or PV1 Vision)
  • Conveyor Tracking: Vision or Sensor based
  • Expansion I/O: (24 Inputs/16 Outputs) up to 4 boards
  • Fieldbus Slave or Master Boards: EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, CC-Link
  • EPSON RC+ 7.0 API: Microsoft .NET Communication Module
  • LabView Support: Comes with EPSON RC+ 7.0 API
  • GUI Builder: Build User GUI from EPSON RC+ Environment
  • Security Option: (Now included as Standard with RC+ 7.0) Allows user to password protect system
  • Additional Axis Control: Available with Pulse Generating Board
  • RS232-C Ports: Up to 4 additional ports with 2 option boards
  • ECP Software Option: Supports External Control Point Motion
  • Teach Pendants: TP1, TP3

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions: Control Unit: 380W x 350D x 182H (mm)
Drive Unit (Option for additional Robot Control): Coming SoonWeight: Control Unit: 11 Kg (4 Axis Configuration)Environment: Temperature: 5-40 deg C
Humidity: 20-80% (no condensation)
Standards for Environment: RoHSSafety Standards and Features:
  • CE Compliance
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Safeguard Circuit
  • Low Power Mode
  • Dynamic Brake
  • Encoder Cable Disconnection Error Detection
  • Motor Overload Detection
  • Irregular Motor Torque Detection
  • Motor Speed Error Detection
  • Positioning Overflow
  • Speed Overflow
  • Servo Error Detection
  • CPU Irregularity Detection
  • Memory Check-Sum Error Detection
  • Motor Driver Overheat Detection
  • Over-Voltage Detection
  • AC Power Supply Voltage Reduction
  • Temperature Error Detection
  • Fan Error Detection
Robot Manipulator Control: Joint Control: Up to 6 joints simultaneous control (AC Servo)
Motion Type: CP (Continuous Path) motion, PTP (Point to Point) motion
Speed/Accel/Decel: Fully programmablePower Source: Power Source: 200-240 VAC Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 2.5 kVA (depending upon manipulator model)