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  • Industry Leading Ease of Use for Vision Development
  • Powerful Tools for Vision Guidance Applications
  • Point and Click User Interface
  • Multiple Hardware Configurations Supported

For more than 15 years, Epson Vision Guide has been used in factories throughout the world to allow Epson Robots to "see". With a unique object based point and click interface Vision Guide allows developers to quickly develop applications in hours vs. weeks or longer. But don't let the easy to use interface fool you. Vision Guide is packed with powerful vision tools designed to help solve the toughest of vision related applications. Included as standard features are tools such as: Normalized Correlation, Geometric Search, Blob Analysis, Polar Search, Edge Tools, Frames, Lines, Points, Histogram and much more. And the best part is that Vision Guide is completely and seamlessly integrated into the Epson RC+ Development Environment which helps to reduce overall development time and save money.

At the heart of Vision Guide is the unique object based point and click interface which allows users to easily define ROI's and apply vision tools by simply dragging and dropping objects onto the image display area. Objects are strung together in a sequence to build a vision application quickly and easily. For example, a Geometric Search Tool could be used to find specific points of interest on a part and then line tools could be applied on top of the Geometric Search Tools to then determine the distance betwen the 2 points of interest on a part. Once the distance is checked and the part passes inspection coordinates from the found location are automatically converted to robot coordinates and the robot is told to go pick up the part using those coordinates including X, Y position and rotation.

PC Bus Level Vision (Frame Grabbers and Digital Solutions)

Vision Guide is available for the RC620+ as a frame grabber vision card or a digital interface card which is driven by the RC620+ PC based controller. Up to 16 cameras can be controlled by one VG6.0 frame grabber. (Up to 3 firewire cameras can be controlled by the digital interface card) The processing comes from the RC620+ PC CPU so that vision applications can run at very fast speeds. Vision Guide for the PC Bus Level vision solutions comes standard with the same easy to use point and click interface as the Vision Guide Solution for Smart Cameras. The primary difference is the CPU speed (since coming from the PC CPU) and the support of multiple cameras from one interface card.

Standard and High Resolution Cameras Available

Epson PC Vision comes with a standard 640x480 resolution. However, higher resolution camera packages (1376x1035) are also available for more high precision jobs or for when a larger field of view is required.

Mobile and Fixed Cameras Available

The PC Bus Level Vision solutions provide support for both fixed and mobile mounted cameras. Cameras can be mounted in a mobile configuration when the camera is mounted on end of the robot arm. They can also be mounted in fixed configurations for when the CV1 Cameras are to be mounted in a fixed position above or below but not attached to the robot.

Conveyor Tracking

Conveyor Tracking can be integrated into the RC620+ controller and works with Vision Guide 6.0. This is ideal for applications where parts are moving down a conveyor and need to be picked up without the conveyor slowing down or stopping. (The Epson Conveyor Tracking option works with the PC Bus Level Vision solution. See our Epson RC+ Conveyor Tracking Option for more info.

Epson is the leader in ease of use for both robot development and vision guidance development. Our Vision Guide product is well known in the industry for providing a powerful yet easy to use point and click interface for developing robot vision applications.

High Performance
  • Powerful Vision Tools provide reliable results every time
  • Fast vision processors ensure fast find rates
  • High performance processing power many times faster than competitive models
  • Tight Integration with Epson RC+ Ensures fastest throughput
  • Finds parts even under difficult conditions
  • Supports use of digital cameras
  • Standard and High Resolution camera support

Ease of Use Leader
  • Industry leader in Vision Guidance Ease of Use
  • Easy Calibration with Vision Guide Wizards
  • Point and Click User Interface for beginners to advanced users
  • Works with all Epson Robots supported by the RC620+ Controller
  • Use Fixed or Arm Mounted Cameras as well as Upward or Side Pointing Cameras

Two Tiered Vision Guidance Solutions Available
  • Epson CV1 available for low cost vision solutions
  • PC bus integrated frame grabber / digital camera solutions for multiple camera high performance solutions
  • Both solutions use the same easy to learn and use Vision Guide Development software
  • High performance processing power many times faster than competitors models

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
  • Automotive
  • Hard Drive
  • Medical
  • Lab Automation
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Solar
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics


Resolution: PC Bus Morphis Vision: 640 x 480
PC Bus Meteor-2/MC Visioin: 1280 x 1024Max Cameras: PC Bus Vision (Analog): Up to 16 cameras
PC Bus Vision (Digital): Up to 3 camerasAvailable Vision Solutions: PC Bus Frame Grabbers: Morphis, Meteor-2/MC
PC Bus Digital: Concord (up to 3 Firewire Cameras)Vision Tools: Geometric Search
Polar Search
Normalized Correlation
Blob Analysis
Edge Finder
Code Reader
StatisticsRobot to Camera Calibrations: Mobile
Fixed Upward
Fixed DownwardImage Operation Tools: Open
Horizontal Edge
Vertical Edge
Edge Detect
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