Using the Annotation Tool

You can annotate photos, documents, or web pages that you are currently projecting.

  1. Display a photo, document, or web page.
  2. Tap white pen icon for annotation tool to open the Annotation tool.
  3. You can annotate the display and adjust the appearance of the pen using the following controls:

    : The available features may vary depending on the iOS device you are using.

    • Tap yellow pen icon to enable the pen tool. Drag your finger across the screen to draw on the projected image. Tap the icon again to change the color, weight, and opacity of the tool.

      Note: If you change slides, or navigate to a different web page or image, your current annotations will be lost.
    • Tap eraser icon to enable the eraser. Drag your finger across the screen to erase any lines you have drawn. Tap the icon again to change the width of the eraser.
    • Tap undo icon to undo a previous annotation.

      Note: You can undo up to 10 previous annotations.
    • Tap redo icon to redo a previous annotation.
    • Tap projection symbol over screen to switch projection to your device (when multiple devices are connected to the projector; not available when a moderator controls the projector).
    • Tap Save to save your current annotations.
    • Tap Icon of blue letter X to disable the annotation tool and clear any current annotations.