EPEAT® Registered Products

EPEAT is a comprehensive environmental rating and global registry that helps identify greener electronic equipment. It's an easy-to-use resource for purchasers, manufacturers, resellers and others wanting to find and promote environmentally preferable products.

Qualifying Epson Products

The End-of-Life Characterization Report is made available upon request for all reuse and recycling facilities. This report provides guidance for the effective processing of the materials identified in EU WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC, Annex II. See below for a list of Epson products that are EPEAT Bronze (B) or Silver (S) qualified, along with their WEEE End-of-Life Characterization Report

These products allow the use of General Office paper including paper that contains renewable content, pre and post consumer recycled content and that is chlorine free. These products have not been designed to prevent the use of non-OEM inkjet cartridges. With our EPEAT products, automatic duplex printing is the default setting when installing the printer driver (Silver products only.) Please note, use of non-OEM inkjet cartridges may affect the quality of printed materials. For more information on the EPEAT public disclosure of key environmental aspects, please view here.

Epson Authorized Service Providers

Spare parts are available to Epson Authorized Service Providers for 5-years after product production ceases. There are no user replaceable parts for this product. For more information you may call Epson Customer Service at (866) 917-5033. If a product failure is encountered during the first 3 years from date of sale for commercial products or 1-year from date of sale for consumer products, users are advised to contact Epson or an Authorized Epson Servicer for service/support. Subject to coverage, repair under Epson’s Limited Warranty (viewable on our website under our support links) will be provided by Epson or an Authorized Servicer for the term of the warranty, after which Epson or Servicer can provide maintenance and repair at the then current service rate.

Epson Take Back & Recycling Programs

EPEAT Certified Product Take Back & Recycling

Please refer to the product’s User Guide for:

  • How to troubleshoot, repair or replace the product
  • How to achieve a standby power level of < 1W
  • Info on returning your End‑of‑Life product for recycling

You may also call Epson Customer Service at (866) 917‑5033 for additional assistance.

Inkjet and Toner Cartridge Take Back & Recycling

  • All inkjet and toner cartridges are sent to a state of the art waste-to-energy facility for disposal
  • Epson processed 93.4 tons of inkjet and toner cartridges in the US for 2022
  • 100% of all inkjet and toner cartridges collected were disposed of via waste-to-energy disposal
  • Epson inkjet and toner cartridges are not designed to prevent their reuse or recycling

Hardware Take Back & Recycling

All hardware is sent to our certified recycling facility with nothing going to landfill. - The annual volume of consumer products collected via Epson’s E-waste Take-back Programs in 2021 and 2022 is as follows:

  2021 (tons) 2022 (tons)
Volume of products collected in jurisdictions with local or federally mandated collection programs 2,093 2,296
Volume of products collected voluntarily 23 25
Total volume of products collected 2,116 2,321