My product is already set up to work with one Mac on my wireless network. How do I set up an additional Mac to use my product on the same network?

  • You'll need to install additional software from the product software CD-ROM. (If you don't have access to the CD, you can download the software from the Epson website.) Do the following:
    1. Make sure there is no USB or Ethernet cable attached to the product.
    2. If you don't have the CD, go to the Downloads tab for the product and download the software. Then skip to step 8 to continue the installation.If you're installing the software from the CD, go to the next step.
    3. Insert the product software CD.
    4. Double-click the icon.
    5. Click Install.
    6. When you see this screen, select Install driver for network connection and click Next.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software for your product. This takes several minutes.
    8. Select Set up an additional computer to use this printer, then click Next.
    9. Make sure the product is turned on.
    10. When you see the FireWall Warning screen, click Next.
    11. If you see a firewall alert message, click Unblock or Allow to let Epson EasyInstall continue. Do not select Ask Me Later, Keep Blocking, or Block.
    12. Note: Make sure that you allow network access for Epson EasyInstall. Configure your firewall software to allow access for Epson EasyInstall.
    13. Select the printer you want to configure, then click Next.

      Note: It may take up to 90 seconds for your computer to find the printer on the network. If your printer doesn't appear in the list after 90 seconds, click the refresh button.
    14. Follow the on-screen instructions. When you see this screen, click Finish.
    15. When you see a screen like this, click Add Printer.
    16. Follow the steps on the right side of the screen to add your EPSON TCP/IP printer.
    17. Note: It may take up to 90 seconds for your computer to find the EPSON TCP/IP printer on the network.
    18. Click Next.
    19. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the software.
    20. Continue with the steps in the next section to configure your scanner for use over the network.
      Configure Epson Scan Network Settings
    1. If necessary, press the Home button on the control panel to return to the Home menu, then select Setup.
    2. Press , then press Network Settings.
    3. Press Confirm Network Settings.
    4. Write down the IP Address displayed on the LCD screen.

      Note: Your printer's settings will be different from the ones shown above.
    5. From the Finder menu, select Go > Utilities.
    6. Double-click the EPSON Scan Settings icon.
    7. This screen appears twice. Click No both times it appears.
    8. Make sure EPSON Artisan800/PX800/TX800 is the scanner selected.
    9. Select Network as the Connection setting.
    10. Click Add. You see this screen:
    11. Select the IP address that you wrote down in step 4.
    12. If you have a firewall or Internet security software installed, the search feature may not work correctly. In this case, click Enter address, and enter the IP address manually.Note: To rename the scanner, type a name for it in the Scanner Name text box.
    13. Click OK.
    14. Click OK again to close the EPSON Scan Settings window.
    15. Note: If the printer is set to obtain an IP address automatically, the IP address may change each time the printer is turned on. If the IP address has changed, you will need to repeat steps 1 through 13 to reconfigure the Epson Scan network settings. To keep the IP address from changing, try the following: always power on your network devices in the same order, always keep the printer on, or set your DHCP server to reserve an IP address for the printer (see your router's documentation for details).

      You're ready to scan and print.
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