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Epson Home Theater Projection

Projection Perfected.

A Benchmark for Home Theater Projection

Epson has been designing and manufacturing digital projection technology for over 20 years.

Our goal is simple, to design a home theater projector that faithfully reproduces the source material the way the artist has intended it to be shown.

Unique 3-Chip Projection Technology

3LCD Projection Engine - Designed by Epson

The proprietary 3LCD Projection Engine is one of the reasons why Epson is considered the world leader in high-resolution projection technology. A true 3-Chip design, Epson 3LCD technology utilizes three-individual LCD chips for each color of RGB. The result? Incredible brightness, color accuracy, and image detail – for an exceptional home theater experience.

Three ways to build the perfect home theater.

You're about to begin an amazing journey in realizing your dream home theater setup.

Laser Projection Display

Television Redefined.

Professional Theater Projection

Exceed Expectations.

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