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The future is heads up, hands free.

Why Moverio

For nearly 10 years, Moverio has been a world-leader in smart glasses bringing the power of augmented reality to a variety of industries and applications with a focus on image quality, comfort and durability.

Image Quality | Field of View


Epson’s binocular glasses are powered by Si-OLED micro projection technology resulting in sharp images, integrated sensors and enhanced connectivity features which seamlessly blend digital content into the outside world.

Comfort | Lightweight


Moverio’s lightweight, flexible, and robust headset designs accommodate a wide-range of head sizes, making wearability comfortable for extended periods of time.

Service and Support | Tools


Whether it be Moverio AR smart glasses or the wide offering by our ISV partners and developers, Epson provides the tools to support any industry’s AR needs.


See detailed info about the entire lineup of Moverio Smart Glasses.

Solution Providers

Partner with our Moverio Solution Providers and get innovative solutions that use augmented reality to transform your business.

close up of Epson's BT-45C demonstrating si-OLEC technology
Introducing the BT-45C and BT-45CS

Representing a new generation of AR smart glasses from Epson, the Moverio BT-45C and BT-45CS offer remarkable flexibility and performance for mission-critical tasks.

group of people wearing Epson's BT-40 headsets enjoying a movie with HD high-contrast captioning
BT-40: Solutions for Cinemas and Theaters

Moverio BT-40 & BT-40S Smart Glasses are ready for their closeup. With a wide field of view and full HD high-contrast captioning, these highly adaptable and flexible glasses are the solution to making cinema and theater events more accessible.

image of microscope lens on a grid
Integrated Si-OLED Technology

Moverio AR smart glasses feature integrated Si-OLED technology to deliver incredible image quality. Watch to learn how this unique technology is engineered for remarkable performance.

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