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Epson Creative Projection App

Express Yourself with Epson Creative Projection App

Create, customize and project using your iPhone or iPad. Epson Creative projection app allows you to create amazing effects and experiences with our easy to use and free iOS app for Epson’s digital signage centric projectors1.

Decorate your wall, floor, tabletop with impromptu marketing and branding content you can create using our app. Connect your device seamlessly, use one of the existing visual effects or simply add your own photos and videos and use the flexible 4 points correction to adjust your content to your desirable surface size, remove distortion, and add annotation using touch.


1 Projectors that support the app: PowerLite U50, Pro L1060W, EV-110, EV-115, PowerLite 800F, PowerLite 805F, PowerLite 750F, PowerLite 755F, PowerLite L250F, PowerLite L255F, PowerLite L200SW, PowerLite L200SX, PowerLite L730U, PowerLite L735U, PowerLite L630U, PowerLite L530U, PowerLite L630SU, PowerLite L635SU, PowerLite L520U, PowerLite L520W, EB-PU1008W, EB-PU1008B, EB-PU1007W, EB-PU1007B, EB-PU1006W, EB-PU2010W, EB-PU2010B