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Uses for MOVERIO Smart Glasses

Explore the many ways MOVERIO is changing the way people work and play.

Providing better tools for drone pilots.

See how MOVERIO displays are enabling drone pilots to monitor vital information while maintaining line-of-sight with their drones.

Consumer Drone Pilots

Consumer drone pilots can enjoy a safe and productive flight by leveraging MOVERIO Smart Glasses.

Enterprise Drone Pilots

Drones are being used for aerial inspections, security, and even search and rescue applications. See how MOVERIO can make the jobs of these pilots safer and simpler.

See how MOVERIO is transforming work and play

Enhancing visitor experiences.

Augmented reality smart glasses are being used to provide greater accessibility options and customized experiences for visitors.

Improving industrial workflows.

See how enterprise companies are using augmented reality to reduce human error, minimize travel cost and increase safety in their operations.

Wearable displays with HDMI & USB-C video input.

Bring the convenience of a wearable display to any system through smart glasses that connect directly to a video source via HDMI or USB-C.

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