For Work Robots Integrated Options Teach Pendant - TP3

Epson Teach Pendant - TP3

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  • 10" Color Touchscreen with 1280x800 HD Resolution
  • Easy Jogging and Teaching of Robot Points
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Menu Driven User Interface
  • Easy Connection to RC700A Controller

While common to utilize the Jog and Teach Window from Epson RC+ Robot Development Software to teach points, there are times when having a teach pendant to get close to the positions you are teaching makes things easier. The Epson TP3 has all the latest safety features such as slow speed control, 3 position enable switch and resettable type E-Stop, and more. The TP3 meets all the safety standards for robots including UL1740 and ANSI/RIA 15.06 and many more.

The TP3 is more intuitive than ever with a newly designed user-friendly GUI. Unlike other pendants on the market, TP3 is unique in that it not only acts as a robot teaching tool, but with the ability to make robot parameter changes, it also doubles as an operating device. This eliminates the need for mandatory use of a PLC or PC.

  • On-Screen "soft" Keyboard
  • SPEL+ Programming directly from TP3
  • 3D Robot Viewing
  • Split Screen Viewing
  • Teaching, Saving, Editing Points
  • I/O Command Execution and Status Display
  • Memory I/O Command Execution and Status Display
  • Task Monitor, I/O Monitor, Memory I/O Monitor
  • Full Complement of Maintenance Features
  • Low Power Mode with Slow Speed for Jogging
  • IP65 Rating


Available Controllers: RC700ACommunication Interfaces: Communication Interface: Ethernet
Connector Type: Round Push Lock ConnectionOther: Wall Bracket: Optional
Jogging: Step and Continuous Supported
Password Setting: Yes (only authorized users gain TP3 access)
Extension Cables: 10M and 15M (both optional)

Physical Specifications:

Display: Display Area Size: 10.1 inches
Display Element: TFT Color LCD with LED Backlight
Contrast: Analog Variable Brightness
Backlight: White LEDGeneral Ratings: Size: 314mm(W) x 244mm(H) x 142mm(D)
Weight: Approx 3.3 lbs
Rated Voltage: DC24V
Electric Power Consumption: 16W or less
Ambient Temperature: 0-40 Deg C
Protection Level: IP65Safety: Safety: UL1740, ANSI 15.06
Enable Switch: 3 position (right and left handed switches included)
E-Stop: Mushroom Resetting type with Red Color
High Speed Test Mode (T1/T2)