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  • Powerful Tracking Tools for Picking/Placing Parts on Moving Conveyor
  • Software Wizards Make Setup a Breeze
  • Supports Vision and Sensor Based Conveyor Tracking
  • Works with RC90B & RC700A Controllers

Epson Conveyor Tracking allows parts to be picked up from a moving or stationary conveyor in a coordinated fashion. In the case of a tracking conveyor system the conveyor moves constantly and never stops. Vision or a sensor system is used to find parts on the conveyor and the robot picks them up off of the moving conveyor. During tracking the robot can move along with the part as it picks up parts. In the case of an indexed conveyor system the conveyor moves a specified distance and then stops. The vision system finds the parts and the robot picks up all the parts that were in the vision systems field of view. After finding and picking up all the parts, the conveyor moves to the next indexed position.

Conveyor tracking is commonly used in the food and packaging industries. Typical food applications include tracking of chocolates, candies, bread, etc. to put them in boxes or group them together for packaging. Epson Robots have also been used for cake decorating on a moving conveyor or for putting toppings on foods like frozen pizzas as they move down a conveyor line before going into the oven. Epson Robots are also used to help complete final packaging of many different consumer, medical and electronic products throughout the world.

Epson Conveyor Tracking is a powerful option which allows parts to be picked from a moving conveyor. It can be vision or sensor based and multiple robots or multiple conveyors can be used.

Flexible and Powerful
  • Can be Vision or Sensor based
  • Multiple Robots can be used on one Conveyor
  • Multiple Conveyors can be used with one or more Robots
  • Tight Integration with Epson RC+ Ensures fastest throughput
  • Tight Integration with Vision Guide gives powerful throughput with minimal development effort
Ease of Use Leader
  • Easy Wizard based Calibration of Conveyors, Vision, Sensors and Robots
  • Powerful yet easy to use Conveyor Tracking Software Command Set
  • Tight Integration with Epson RC+ Development Environment, Vision Guide and other features

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
  • Food
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics


Available Controllers: RC90B, RC700ATracking Board Specifications: Compatible Controllers: RC90B, RC700A
Max Boards Supported: 4
Encoder Channels: 4 channels / board
Encoder Type: ABZ phase differential input (RS422)
Input Pulse Rate: Max 5 MPPS
Input Signal: Conveyor latch input
Board Addressing: Done by DIP Switch Setting
Connector: DX10A - 100S (Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.)
Power Supply: 24V +/- 200mA or underConveyor Tracking Tools: Cnv_AbortTrack - Aborts motion cmd to conveyor queue point
Cnv_DownStream - Returns downstream limit
Cnv_Fine - Sets/Returns range to determine if tracking motion completed
Cnv_Lpulse - Returns pulse latched by a conveyor trigger
Cnv_Name$ - Returns name of conveyor
Cnv_Number - Returns number of conveyor specified by name
Cnv_Point - Returns robot point in conveyors coordinate system
Cnv_PosErr - Returns deviation in tracking position vs. tracking target
Cnv_Pulse - Returns current position of conveyor in pulses
Cnv-Que - Adds a robot point to a conveyor queue
Cnv_QueGet - Returns a point from the specified conveyors queue
Cnv_QueLen - Returns the # of items in the specified conveyors queue
Cnv_QueList - Displays list of items in specified conveyors queue
Cnv_QueMove - Moves data from upstream conveyor queue to downstream conveyor queue
Cnv_QueReject - Sets displays minimum distance to prevent double conveyors register
Cnv_QueRemove - Removes items from a conveyor queue
Cnv_QueUserData - Sets / returns and displays user data associate with a queue entry
Cnv_RobotConveyor - Returns the conveyor being tracked by a robot
Cnv_Speed - Returns the current speed of a conveyor
Cnv_Trigger - Latches current conveyor position for the next Cnv_QueAdd Statement
Cnv_Upstream - Returns the upstram limit for the specified conveyorQueue and General Specifications: Conveyor Queue: FIFO type
Queue Depth: 1000 max
Queue User Data: Can store with Queue info
Upstream Limit: User defined for starting area
Downstream Limit: User defined finishing pick area
Starting Area: Area between upstream/downstream limits
Multiple Robots Per Conveyor: Supported
Multiple Conveyors Per Robot: Supported